Saturday, May 10, 2014

Paradigm Shifting.


I love little birdies.  I have always wanted to be able to fly like a bird but I was never one of those kids who tried to leap off the top of the barn with fake wings attached to my arms, flapping madly and screaming for my mommy on the way down to an intimate meeting with the ground.


I convinced my brother to do it.

Actually I tied a 4 chickens to each of his arms, thinking it was a bit much to expect 1 or two to be able to carry his weight.

I pushed them all off at the same time.

Some might say that it was a horrible accident, all that blood, all those feathers, the scream of a boy and of several unhappy chickens heading for the dumpling bath long before their time, but I have learned to look at life in a different way.  I learned soooo many lessons that day that I have valued my whole life.

I learned that chickens could scream, but my brother was still louder.

I learned several new swear words.

I learned that there is probably a real case to be made for allowing girls to go to Boy Scouts too so that they can learn to tie proper knots.  

I learned that chickens do not fly, not even when buoyed up in a herd of flapping wings or freed from the weight of an 8 year old boy half way down, not even when they are being sworn at or prayed to.  They are completely without lift or any sense of responsibility or compassion.


My brother learned a lot too.

He learned just how gullible he really was.

Oh and he also learned about how to scratch himself with a knitting needle when he has a full body cast on .

If people would have just stopped screaming, I am sure there as some really moving Hallmark Movie type music playing.  It could have been a beautiful, poignant moment, people just needed to chill and facilitate a bit of a paradigm shift.

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