Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Polka Dots.


You always know when it is summer because the Polka Dots hit the store?


Although I have to admit they confuse me completely.  I mean I get now that you are not supposed to try and connect them with your felt pen .. there IS NO picture when you are done, regardless of how much you might think it is going to be a turtle lama flying under a bowl of jello half way through.  What I don't get is why they are so summery.

They never do Polka dot snow pants or fur coats, or snow shoes.  I don't get it.  Surely if there was a season crying out for some whimsy it would be winter.  Summer has skinny dipping and camp and flings with your cousin twice removed.  It just does not seem fair it gets polka dots too.

And what is with the name?  Dots I get.  But Polka?  I have never danced the Polka in a Polka dotted dress.  Does it help?  Because I was good, just my partner sucked .. maybe he should wear a polka dotted dress.

And why do they call people name Dorothy Dot?  What happened to the "ro" that they ignored them and went straight to the "t"?  It could have been Dor or even Doo before Dot.


Oh wait .. (I know you can't see me but if you could you would see I am sitting at my desk pumping my arm in the air waiting for permission to speak because I am very polite and I am not sure who is in charge)

An hour and half later ....

Ok tired of arm pumping,clearly no-one is in charge and I could care less about being polite, I just want to get some blood back into my arm so that the feeling might come back.  It is hard to type with my nose and one hand.

What if ... it should have been Poke-a-dot and NOT Polka Dot???  THAT would make sense.

And it probably explains Facebook.  Except you can poke a "tom" or a "sally" or a "sasquisha" on there.

SKIN:  Deetalez Jarla
EYES:  Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes - Cumin
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
JEWELLERY:  [chuculet] ava - necklace and earrings - silver
OUTFIT:  SAS - Betty Polka Black
SHOES:  G&D Pump v2 Line Basic Colors
POSES:  Ma Vie

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