Monday, May 5, 2014

Water Over the Bridge Now. Then, Not So Much.


I fell in a slough once.  I tried to make it magical and intentional but I have a hard time hiding my emotions.  My face is always a dead give away.


At least when you go to those mall photographers they have bunnies and teddy bears to distract you from the awful situation you are in and yes I am comparing crinolines and my mother to being stuck in a stinky muddy disgusting slough.   Out in the middle of the prairies, there are not a lot of stuffed toys lying around. There aren't even people.

It is hard to make duck lips when the ducks are attacking you for being too close to their nests.  The sea gulls attack you because they figure anything that ends up in the slough is either fair game, being as it has to be dead or in the process of being dead, and I think they are really pissed about having to make do with a slough instead of an ocean.  Why there are sea gulls in the middle of dry earth Canada always confused me.

There were no white peacocks.  If there were, someone would have shot them and eaten them.  That is just the way of the land.  Kind of the farm version of both take-outs and drive-by's.


I left my heels in the slough back then . . . stuck in the mud ... maybe someday some cow will march in and die right where they are stuck and then with time and everything compacting, someone will dig the cow and the shoes up and marvel that some farmers had fashionable cows.  At least I hope that they marvel about that and not how stupid some farmer daughters were to believe that their brother threw her keys in there when he had them in his pocket the whole time.

Oh and technically .. I didn't "fall" into the slough ... I was pushed.  At least that is what the police report said and the main reason my brother is still in jail.  You can push someone, but not keep on pushing them once their head is under water. (I am praying it was water I was under)

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