Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Charity in Town.


I grew up on a farm, which pretty well meant the fashion was whatever plaid the hardware store got in for the season.    But I have always loved fashion.  I hung on every word that sounded fashionable and hence often confused food with clothes on account of everything in French sounds fashionable.

I had aunts and older cousins and a Hutterite Colony down the road with girls who got to go to the city often.   When I first heard them talking about bell bottoms I ran right out and got the duct tape and slapped some of grandma's crystal bells onto my butt.  I had no idea how to sit but did it matter?  I was riding the edge of the fashion wave.

My grandparents also traveled a lot and we had the first colour TV.  I knew all the Brady Bunch Kids names before most kids packed away their hand puppets for television.   Hence I learned what bell bottoms actually were and immediately ripped open all my jeans and sewed in all the spare plaid I could find.   Ok I actually taped it in.  I sucked at sewing and I was not allowed near the needles after I lied and told my brother his brains were coming out of his ears and I needed to sew them shut.

I am sharing this because I think Vogue is working with Facebook and reading my thoughts.  They know what I like.  They are streamlining their ads just for me.  I know this because everything is about me.  

I walked into the store and there were the Dana pants ... like BAM!  The lace seemed to be following me with its eyelets everywhere I went.  They were pumping bellbottom drugs into the perfumed air and I was high and my whole mind was being controlled.  I swear I could hear this voice singing like a siren ... "Buy me ... Buy me ...."   if there had been rocks, I would have thrown myself on them right there and then.  I am just telling you all this to warn you that you need to tinfoil your head before you go into Vogue.  Otherwise you will be buying everything.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Oh and don't let people bully you by saying you are a dumb ass for taping bells to your bottom.  Lots of people did that.  It was an honest mistake.  If that didn't happen to you, could you lie about it ... please.... it's called compassion...

Donations of money could be sent to help me get over it.  Just drop your Lindens off in an envelope marked Vogue Shopping Money for Bliss.  


EYES:  Ibanez  Ltd Edition Natural Eyes Grey
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
JACKET:   *VoguE* Dana Jacket ~ Lime
PANTS:  *VoguE* Dana Pants ~ Lime
SHOES:  *COCO*_LaceEspadrille_Ivory
POSES:  EmmePose

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