Saturday, June 28, 2014

Butterflies are a Gateway.

I used to believe that you could train butterflies.  Or at least I thought it should be a possibility.

Like many of my childhood illusions, it was my brother who shattered that idea.  He liked to tap dance all over anything that allowed me to disappear into a fantasy world where people were kind to one another and unicorns frolicked all over the hills and lollipops rained from the heavens.

Yes, he was a colossal shit head.

I figured the butterflies could be broken in, just like a horse.  And then I figured you get like a herd of them and they would be able to fly you anywhere you wanted to go only it would be really gentle and the wind would softly blow in you hair and you would not get flies in your teeth because they would be afraid of the butterflies and would not dream of interfering with their cargo.  It was probably the only time in my life that I was willing to refer to myself as "cargo."

Finding "rope" small enough to slip over a butterfly's head and fit around their neck was not easy.   Tension was a difficult thing to master too.

Which is why I ended up with a bunch of headless butterflies in one pile and bunch of bodyless butterfly heads in another pile.

It was pretty traumatic.


My brother took me to the local police station and told them he wanted to turn me in as I was clearly a psychopath in the making.  He said the butterflies were my gateway into harming puppies and then humans.

I skipped right over the puppies and went straight to humans.

Well, if you can apply the term "human" to my brother ....

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