Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff.


I really resonate with this style of dress.  I think it shows a lot of love.


Most of  my dresses that I wore as a child, and especially those I wore as a teenager, looked like this.  They were short in the front - their normal length - and then long in the back - from my grandmother trying to pull them down lower.

She invented stretchy fabric long before stretchy fabric was invented.  She had all those little cotton molecule holding on to each other with the skin not yet skin, under the skin that was under their fingernails, screaming for their mamas.  She tried to say that I should be thankful that someone cared about me enough to worry about my being naked in public.

I pointed out if she really knew me she would know I was fine being naked in public and that her worry was not over my feelings but more about her own that people might find out that I was her granddaughter.  She liked people to think of her in a non naked way which I completely understood and even supported.  I promised her I would go to the grave with the secret that she was my grandmother if she would promise to never tell anyone that I was her granddaughter.


I think parents everywhere could save themselves a lot of heartache if they would just clarify that point right from the start.  Trust me, most of us never wanted anyone to know we were related to our parents, there was no need for all those nights of worry.  Teenagers are normally quite happy to pretend they appeared on earth by spontaneous combustion.

Parents aren't really needed until you have kids, in which case you need a babysitting grandparent, or you get arrested or start therapy and you need someone to blame.

No need to sweat the teenage years so hard, just sit down and relax.  You'll need your strength later.

SKIN:  * Morphine  : Nadine Peach Skintone
HAIR:  ! Sugarsmack !  : Sachi
EYES:  Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes - Cumin
MAKE-UP:  Leafy Gold
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
JEWELLERY AND NAILS:  +:+WTG+:+ **Holy Gold** set
BRACELET:  [} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet II - Gold
NYLONS:  Le Poppycock December Group Gift for VFFB
CLUTCH:  Magnifique Bro-Bri
DRESS:  Liv Glam  [LG] Boutique-[ SPRING14] So Fresh,So Clean Bagged 1 for Cosmo
SHOES:  MV Cleaver Heels Noir
POSES:  Epiphany

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