Monday, June 16, 2014

Games That Teach Important Life Skills.


One of the really fun things I like to do is invent games to liven up what can be normally predictable days.


Everyone loves walking along the beach, hunting for shells, hoping that they happen to be there at just the right time when the tide washes in a pristine hunormous shell or a perfect starfish.  I rate that story up there with the ones about the tooth fairy and Santa Claus only one that requires you ditch whatever brain cells survived your childhood or your thirties ... depending how long it took you to figure out the Easter Bunny couldn't possibly lay eggs.

I mean, in order to think you are going to find that one shell, you have to ignore the gazillion other people also walking along the beach hoping for the same thing ...and pretend that God loves you more than anyone else and is going to save that special experience just for you.

If he didn't help you with the baton twirling contest for the annual heifer sale jamboree and pie sale ... I don't think he is going to pull through for the shell.

So I like to wait for the Japanese tourist bus to pull into the parking lot and  I plant 1 pristine shell in their direct pathway and then I just like to sit back and see who survives.  It's like watching seagulls descend on a single french fry, except there is no danger of weight gain, tourists can't fly, and their screaming is more shrill.


Sometimes when they are really into the game, people end up unconscious and then you can play another game where you bury the bodies and that way when the people come along with their little detectors to find jewellery or money that people have lost in the sand, they will have the most fun ever.  

Digging up a watch is one thing.  Digging up a watch attached to an angry body that was woken up when the shovel hit their eyeball is something else all together different.

Especially when they realize they don't have the shell either.

I think it just makes it more fun all the way around.  Those detector people should have to work a little harder for their treasure.  I think it better prepares them for life.

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