Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Am A Great Sister.


My brother was forever trying to gross me out.  He dissected the clams in the clam chowder to prove to me I was clam gut eater.


I learned early on not to ever let him see the fear in my eyes because it just egged him on and he did not need any egging ... well he did but . . .  as in the raw, rotten kind.

He saw a bunch of chocolate covered ants and bumblebees at a store once and he decided that we should eat bugs to prove ultimately who was the the best person.  Everything we did was the ultimate universe deciding championships - except when I won, then it was just a "practice" run.  

Did I mention that I hated my brother???

I hide it well don't I?

Anyway he decided we could get our own bugs to eat and only sissy's need them covered with chocolate. He got some ants, grasshoppers and bees.  It was a dare to the death.  I told him that if he would eat a worm, I would eat all the bugs he had in front of him.

I was on.

He ate the worm and smiled at me the whole time he was chewing, even stopping to show me the contents of his mouth because well ... like I said ... there was something wrong with him.  When he was done he pushed the bugs on their plate over to me and told me to start eating.  He was still smiling.

I picked them up and dumped them in the garbage.  He was enraged.  I had to eat them.  I said I would.
He was screaming and carrying on that there was no way for me to beat him if I didn't eat the bugs.  This was the WORLD CHAMPION CONTEST and I wasn't even a contestant if I didn't try to eat them.

I have never been so happy to admit that I was both a liar and a loser.  I handed him his crown, his sash, and a couple of dandelions and kissed him on the cheek.


I did try to point out that he had a bit of worm stuck in his teeth.

It was the right thing to do.

I am a great sister.

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