Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Great Modern Romance.


Lingerie is one of those things that, after you spend a small fortune on, you wonder if perhaps you should just get a sheep's outfit, learn how to properly vocalize with "baas" and be done with it.


At least you would be warm.

Think about it, you spend a fortune, you put it on, you are half naked and cold, the room is dark, you are probably both a little drunk ... if it does its job, it is off in 2 nanoseconds.

I am not sure he even has had time to appreciate the genuine french lace or the luxurious feel of the silk that a thousand virginal caterpillars wove in the moonlight over the Tibetan Mountains.

While he lights the cigarettes you get your reasonable jammies on  . . .   the  flannel ones with the little sheep designs, he pulls on his sweat pants and his socks ... if he even took them off.

And as the years go by there is kind of a desperation behind all the lifting and cinching of the lingerie.  The lace and the bows are more carefully arranged and you need a little more material to be half naked.  The cost just goes up and up and still you are not promised that any of that is going to manage to pry the remote or the beer out of his hand.


Which is why kids today might have the right idea.  Be young, be wild, record it all, so that later in life you can fall back on the good ole days.


Pull up the selfie of you hot and young in the awesome lingerie and show him and say "Remember when I wore this?

And then he searches his files and says, "And then this happened?" and he shows you his naked pride standing at full attention.

And then pull out the video you took when he raced over to your house that night, and watch it.

Get in your comfy jammies, save money, save time.  High five one another when the movie is over, play some nostalgic music, air kiss, put the teeth on the bedside table and sleep.

Does it get anymore romantic than that?

SKIN:  Essences - Siggy TDRF01 *light rose
HAIR:  > Asset < Sophie Hair
EYES:  Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes - Cumin
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
LINGERIE:  (SELDOM BLUE) Lottie Lingerie cincher + babydoll set - blue
POSES:  Reasonable Poses

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