Monday, June 9, 2014

They Were My Two True Friends.


This kind of sums up my childhood friends.  


Except there could have been a cow in there too although cows can't be dressed up that easily and they don't bend well to fit into those little chairs you get to go with the table and chair sets.  For some reasons your own table and chair set seems to be a necessary thing in defining your gender.  All little girls get some, but not the boys.  I have to say if my hubby ever bought me a table and chairs as a Christmas gift, it would be his last Christmas on this earth. They have not figured that huge in my life.   Am I missing something?   I have never really understood that and felt perhaps I should have insisted that none of the men be allowed to sit at the table on a chair because they were not conditioned to fully understand the importance of these things.  I mean if only the girls needed to know this stuff ...

Well maybe they could sit, but the girls should have cattle prods so they can make sure the men are doing it right.

Anyway yes the chimp and the dressmakers mannequin ... my true friends, the only ones I have managed to keep my entire life.

I played with them a lot.  I stole the monkey from my brother.  I didn't want a monkey but he really did and it was a Christmas gift I peeked at ... came from a distant maiden aunt who was always confused so I switched the tags on her gifts.  Biff got a pretty tea set which he still uses I think.  He loved Snow White.  I got the monkey . . . and to see my brother cry which pretty much made THAT Christmas for me.

I found the monkey and the mannequin excellent company.  No arguments about what we were playing, what they had to wear, or the lines I needed them to say.  The cow was never that compliable.  I think they kind of ruined me for all the friends I would have later in life .. you know ... unreal expectations and all ...


Sometimes I still take them out for family dinners . . . so that I have someone to talk to.

And to see my brother cry.

That never gets old.

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