Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When You Can't Let Go of Junior High.


I have naturally curly hair.  Of course growing up, straight hair was the big deal.  People ironed their hair. Yes, like we can point at young women today and talk about their vanity ... we ironed our hair people.  And we rolled it up with big coke cans.  We glopped it up with shit called Dippity Doo.  We were all dippity dooing doodles.

The best we could hope for was that everyone would get as high as possible, as quickly as possible, and they would be so distracted by the flying purple anteaters and the burning bras that they forgot about our frizzy hair.


The only people who said, "be free, go for the natural look" were the people with perfect, swinging, shiny long hair.

Those people needed to die.

There is nothing more annoying than some swimsuit model with perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect skin and a perfect body talking to women about how we should just feel empowered to be ourselves, that real beauty comes from within.

Boy's don't look within.  They look at our chest and that is where they stop.  They either find what they are looking for, or they don't, either way ... that is as deep as they get.

Girls with frizzy hair don't run up and down the beach flicking their heads . . . with life guards running after them.  Frizzy haired girls didn't make it onto Bay Watch.  Frizzy haired girls were not one of the sister's on the Brady Bunch.

Even when crimping was big it was controlled perfect crimping that only girls with straight hair could achieve. It was not out of control wild frizzy hair.


There is no purpose to this story, like many of my stories ... none, none at all.

There is just a whole lot of bitterness and the lasting sentiment that those people need to die.

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