Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Henging With The Stones.

stone henge 2

I know you are asking the same question I did.  I get the "stone" part.  What is a "henge?"  "A henge is the term given to a large prehistoric earthwork, usually but not always circular,whether of stones, wood, or earth."

stone henge 1

I think this is proof that prehistoric man was much smarter than modern man.  They knew what a "henge" was and met the requirements to qualify  one.  They didn't even have google or computers to look it up.  These people KNEW their henges. 

I am impressed they went with stones when they could have made it easier on themselves and gone with wood or earth.  They clearly had their eye on the prize.

I wonder if they won a prize.  Like were they the most henged of all the henges that year?  Who is qualified to judge henges and what happened to THAT skill?  I think we are just fading away to a shadow of our former selves.  We are so much less than what those people once were.

I can't rip through raw meat without my false teeth falling out.  I can't throw a spear with any accuracy.  I threw a fork at Leonard Wright once in grade 5.  I missed his head by a mile and ended up forking Susan Anderson instead.  She still won't accept my friendship requests on Facebook and I know for a fact she learned to type with one hand.

I can understand why places like Stonehenge are so spiritual, it is a constant reminder of what we once were and never will be again.  We've lost all the henge whisperers, all the good stones are taken and nobody has discovered a single new geometrical shape in the last bazillion years.  Traiangles - Pyramids, Circles - Stonhenge, Squares - checkerboards, and I think the Illuminati got all the others when they were at that storage shed auction and got the unit with all the modern music in it as well.

stone henge 4

I am trying to change that, inspire people . . . which is why I am working on my own soon to be prehistoric earthwork made out of empty takeaway containers that I am going to fashion into a polygon of some sort and hope that they will site my yard as the rebirth of human intelligence.  I plan on being buried here too, with some type of scroll in my hand, probably with the rules for Facebook or something on them.  I just have to see if someone is up for pulling my brains out through my nose and then wrapping me up like a mummy.  I have that part nailed.  I have the scar to prove it!

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