Tuesday, January 20, 2015

When Clicking Gets Ugly.

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That awful moment when you are perving someone's profile and you click a link expecting you are going to another page with more info, only to find out that it has sent them a notice with your information asking for the link to be sent to you .... and there is no unclick.  I immediately tried to unclick it  . . . probably  80 times or more . . . .because I am a slow learner.   I kept thinking that maybe if I held my mouse a certain way, or clicked it in some special secret combination of clicks that the link would become active again and it would allow me to unrequest my request.

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I hate Facebook.  I hate it for not  being more like Google + and allowing you to "like" and immediately "unlike."   I hate it even more for not being clear that clicking the link was just going to take me hostage and provide the one person on earth that should never have more info on me to humiliate me with . . . more info on me to humiliate me with.

I tried to send a message saying it was an unintended click and I wanted my click rescinded immediately but Facebook doesn't allow you to communicate with them unless it is to provide them with money to free the messages they are holding hostage.   They don't even care that I was crying and I know they can see me.

Google + understands people have things that can make their hands shake like substance abuse, or old age, or extreme climatic excitement as you bond with what is happening on the screen in front of you . . . all of which can cause a hand to inadvertently click on an unintended link.  Facebook is just heartless. 

My hubby says I have poor click control at the best of times, as evidenced by my selection of tv shows using the remote control.  I frequently struggle with the garage door opener and I am hopeless with the air conditioner.  I should probably have a  supervisory clicker overseeing my efforts until I prove myself worthy of the responsibility.

I think I could get a note from my doctor to that effect.

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Damn Facebook.

And the worst part is that now my mom will know about my secret account I set up after she blocked me.  Technically, according to the judges instructions last time we were at court, this is stalking behaviour and even though I managed to find out the date and time of the next family reunion to which I was not invited, again . . . I still don't know the details.  Like where is it being held?  What I should bring?   And most importantly,  what is the secret password???    

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