Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Am A Magician. Can't You Feel The Magic?


I like to do magic tricks when people are least expecting it.   It keeps people on their toes and also makes them a little more scared of you.  Taking off all your clothes and running around a room with a frog dangling out of your mouth can only get you so far . . . magic unloads the big guns.


Weddings are one of the best venues you can play because there is such a variety of people there and everyone is dressed nice.  Also there is usually an unguarded microphone that you can grab while everyone is distracted watching the bride and groom get married.    I get started right away.  Like when the waiters come around to fill the water glasses I like to quickly empty my glass into my mouth and then when the waiter comes back to you,  they look at your glass and realize it is empty.  I just shrug  (because my mouth is full of water)  and they get really confused because they know they filled my glass  but now it is empty.  They usually go, "what happened to the water?"  And then I point over at someone across the room and  when they turn to look I spit the water all back into the glass.  Then they turn back and see the full glass and they are like, "whoa, how did that happen?"  And I go, "Magic!"

You can't buy that kind of awe.

Once I hid a cornish hen in my mashed potatoes and they were all worried because I did not get any meat.  Everyone was running around and then just when someone was about to be fired I pulled the hen out from under the mashed potatoes.  Everyone laughed and laughed and laughed.  It wasn't exactly magic but the atmosphere can make it seem like it could be.  This is especially true if they have twinkle lights and there is a bunny that escaped from the petting zoo running around.  If I see one I like to hold my hat and tell people I pulled him out earlier before they got there.  Then people feel really bad that they did not get new batteries for their watch so they could be there on time.

The biggest magic trick I ever did was when I sawed my brothers dog in half.  Everyone was screaming and could not believe it.  My brother was crying.   My grandma was crying . . . the bride screamed that the blood would never come out of her dress . . .  

Some people forget that magic is all about illusion and a good magician pulls everyone into the trick, totally making them believe what is not real, is real.  We make them think they are seeing something they aren't.   I told everyone not to worry.  I was a professional. 

I am a professional.


I just had never done the trick before.

The dog died.

Magic is a hard life and the cost can be great but I think they all thought it was worth it.

SKIN:  -Glam Affair - Ellie skin - FLF ( Asia & Jamaica )
HAIR:  Magika [01] Intended
EYES:  Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Rainshower Shadow
LASHES:  ::TB:: Black Dahlia Lashes NLA
LIPSTICK:  Morphine [:ME:] Sapphire Lips (04 Dark)
DRESS:  *LpD* - *Courtney* Dress Blue (Mesh) Fashion Fair
SHOES:  Latreia- Roxy Paisley
BUBBLES AND POSES:   HPMD* bubble chairs
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