Friday, February 27, 2015

No-one Believes It Is About The Fashion Anymore.

I turned on the computer to show a friend Second Life, wanting her to see all the fabulous fashion and different styles of avatar around the sims.   It is one of my favourite things to do.  It is my reason for being in Second Life.

  I tried several place.  This is basically all I could show her, apart from my avatar.

This is my Second Life now.  I want the old one back.

It used to be we complained about people being inappropriately naked around the grid.  We were so concerned we packed up all evidence of our adulthood and hid it in an adult sim so we could protect those of us still navigating life with eyes shut pretending we are too special to have any naughty bits and for others, knowing how special they are, never wanting them tainted with someone else's eyes beholding them, except the person you marry, maybe ... possible but not necessary.

Now we wander Second Life and we see nothing but disembodied bits of ourselves and our outfits, super-sized, suspended in the air, while the rest of our nakedness stands off to the side trying to coax the pigeons home with some special bird feed.  Thank heavens most penises have been given names they have learned to respond to.  Add in everyone making up their own names, I have no idea who anyone is, so I just try to tip toe on through without knocking someone's penis off or accidentally bowling down an entire crowd with someone's ginormous head.

"Attention shoppers!  Clean Up Aisle Three."

What is the etiquette here anyway?  Where do you put your eyes when you are talking to a headless body?  Do you look the other way when you run into a these bits and pieces or do you stop and help try to collect body and clothes  for someone only to have them say, "THAT is not my ass?" 

"Attention shoppers, Someone has turned in a rather large ass at customer service.  Please check your inventory and make sure you have yours before you leave the store."

Someone starts talking to me and for the life of me I have no idea what they even are, let alone who.  I read their profile and I get that they are famous and special and have rules but  if it weren't for their pictures, I would not have a clue.   It is hard to be impressed when all I get is a jigsaw of the avatar formerly known as them.  Especially  when all you see is the hair that ate New York City floating through the sky.    I suppose it does make inspecting things easier.    Hard to know the laser beam is on you when "you" are all over the place.

It could be fun if all of a sudden all the suspended items just dropped onto the ground and the public announcer hollered "PEANUT SCRAMBLE" and everyone dived in and grabbed whatever and then had to wear what they ended up with. 

I have sat there sometimes and just followed people around to see if they ever come back together.  I realize I look just as pathetic to them as they look to me but that is fitting somehow isn't it?  We all live our little lives thinking we are perfect and everyone else is a mess?  I like that Linden Lab is feeding our delusions in a very real way through a virtual experience.   I am perfect, what the hell happened to you?

I am also grateful the viewer has allowed me to at least conduct mercy killings on the spot and I can simply derez what remains are left and put people  out of their misery.  Oh, the power of it all!    I don't even worry anymore about the morality of it all or whether I am being polite.  I just want to make my eyes stop bleeding.
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