Saturday, February 21, 2015

When Pigeons Don't Come Home.

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My brother had a friend who had some homing pigeons.  He thought they were pretty cool and so it wasn't long until he had trapped a couple of his own and was hell bent on outdoing his friend.

Big fail.

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I think the pigeons have to like you in order to want to come home.  His pigeons, once released, fled the scene and evidently took all their friends with them because no matter how many traps he set, he never caught any more.

In fairness to him, almost everything, once released from the farm, ran and never came back.  That's my story to a tea.  Of course no-one was standing in the hayloft with a good feed hoping and wishing and waiting for me to come back either.  Oh wait, I forgot, I didn't flee the scene, they dropped me off in the city, sped off and moved while I was distracted by the pretty lights.

But the pigeons definitely were loved and he wanted them to come home.  They didn't.

I put a  gopher in one of his traps once.  I even stitched him a little sweater and attached wings to it so it was believable that he could fly up there into the rafters of the barn. My brother didn't buy it.  I think the fact the gopher was already dead was probably the give away.  He was devastated.  I told him one of the hired men had done it and hid the knitting wool in his overalls.  He also left the farm never to be seen again.  I think the pigeons may have built an underground network to free people from my brother.  I could be wrong.

But I doubt it.

So my brother not only grew up with the regular male envies, he had pigeon envy.  He whined about it to my grandfather once.  He was like, "Wah wah wah my pigeons left me.  Wah wah wah they never came home."  My grandfather told him, "Buck up bucky, this is a dairy farm, NOT a pigeon farm.  You have cows and the cows come home twice a day to be milked.  Cows never let you down.  Now go put on your cow milking pants and welcome the cows home."

I could have knit cow sweaters with wings attached but frankly, I didn't love my brother that much.  It is probably the saddest tragedy of his life.  

blue rain 2

I'm going to go phone him and remind him. 

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