Thursday, March 12, 2015

Running in High Heels.

morning coffee 2

My brother tried to run away from home in high heels once.

He made it just passed the corrals down by the slough.  Then he slipped on a cow patty, caught his heel in a gopher hole, and he was down for the count.  

A couple of cows tried to revive him.  Well maybe the one who licked him did.  The one who peed on him may have remembered him from an unfortunate milking incident earlier.  People pee on people here in Australia when they get stung by a jelly fish and that is a good thing.  I am not sure about the whole cow take on it.  Humanitarian or not?  Discuss amongst yourselves.  

morning coffee  1

I saw him go down and heard something like bones crunching.  Sound carries really well in the empty prairies.  He broke his ankle. 

At least I think it was broken.  I could hear him screaming, "OH F**K, Holy Mother of God, I've broken my F**king ankle."

But I don't like to speculate.

I watched him crawl back across the cow patty infested field, through the duck pond, under the electric fence which he didn't quite clear, and then up to the steps of the house.  I was sitting there eating some popcorn and sipping green kool aid.

I figured the pain must have really messed with his mind.

It was the only way I could explain why he would have dragged himself  all the way back to the very same people he had sworn at earlier and said that he would not get in the car to drive with them anywhere if they were the last people on earth giving him the only ride left to get off a burning planet.

Being as those people were probably not going to want to drive him anywhere after that out burst, I thought he might have been smarter to drag his broken foot towards the hospital.

morning coffee 3

It might be an interesting study for Harvard to take a bunch of brothers, dress them in high heels after a fight with their parents where they insult them , and have them flee across the prairies.  We could figure out how many make it, how many break their ankles, and how many have enough common sense to drag themselves in the right direction. 

I think my brother would be up for it again, in the name of science, I mean.  If not, that is what cattle prods are for, right?

SKIN:  LAQ ~ Elena [Peach] Glow skin
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
HAT and HAIR:  Maitreya Ymre
EARRINGS:  AandAna Limited Simple Earrings
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails   Drow
BAG:  **SHINE** Mesh Satchel bag/ Black
SCARF:  Ce Cubic effect stole(Dark Gray)
SHOES:  EC  Box Ysaline Heels
SUIT:  [LeLutka]-Aviva Suit-Bean
LOCATION:  Mayfair
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