Friday, March 6, 2015

The Night Before the Big Day - Anything Can Happen.

dressing room 2

My girlfriend, who owned a hair salon, got a call at closing time on a Friday night from an unknown man.  He was getting married in the morning, had forgotten to get a hair cut, and was desperate.  Please, please, please, cut his hair.  He would race over, pay her so much money it would be worth it, and she would know she had blessed a marriage and saved his life.
dressing room 1

My girlfriend struggled with the answer.  She was tired and everyone else had gone home already.   What if the guy was a pervert or something?   On the other hand, it was for a wedding, just a man's cut, AND she could use the money. 

She hummed and hawed and eventually agreed.

The man arrived about 5 minutes later and thanked her profusely, gave her the money he promised up front, and showed her the invitation and a pic of his bride to be at their engagement party.  She was greatly relieved and got him all gowned and set in the chair while she went into the back to put away a couple of bottles that she was in the middle of refilling when he had called.   

As she entered the main part of the salon, she could see the client sitting in the chair, both hands under his cape , in the vicinity of his lap, and his cape bouncing up and down in an incredibly familiar and disturbing gesture. 

My girlfriend thought she was going to be sick.  He was clearly between her and the door, as well as the phone and even her bag with her cell phone which was locked in a cupboard underneath the reception desk.

In panic, she grabbed the heaviest thing she could find, which was a hair blower.  She came up behind him, smashed him over the head, watched his body slump, and ran for the phone.  She dialed 911 and raced out into the parking lot to wait for the police.

You can imagine how upset she was as she waited for the police, kept one eye on the salon and considered what a narrow escape she just had.  Who knows what might have happened to her?  How could she have been so stupid as to let a man into the salon after hours when she was alone?

The police came and went into the salon.  The ambulance arrived, the police allowed them in and they re-emerged shortly afterwards and wheeled the man out on a stretcher.   The police helped load him into the ambulance and had a few more words with him before they closed up the back doors and sent him off to the hospital.   

One of the officers came back to where my girlfriend was waiting.  He asked if she was ok and let her know that the man was going to be alright but would probably have a goose egg in the morning.  She asked about the charges and what would happen next and the police officer tried to comfort her by reassuring her. 

He did not think that the man would press any charges.

dressing room 3

It turns out, the man was cleaning his glasses.

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