Saturday, May 23, 2015

4 Eyes, Bug Eyes.

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I had to get glasses when I was in school.  I am not sure why.

I have a theory.  I think my grandparents wanted to make me look more intelligent than I really was.  People tend to overlook insanity when they think it is a by-product of intelligence.   They also frequently sent me to school with boxes of candy to share.  I think they hoped that I might be able to buy some friends.   Pfft forget that ... I ate all the candy myself.

OK I did share them with a boy named Leonard ... only because Leonard showed me this really cool hide out in an old garage down the road from my school and we would go there and hang out and arrange all the old files and tools that were left in there.   Look, don't judge me for my childhood.  It was the most fun ever and yes I am a bit OCD, why do you ask?  When you share that kind of bond with someone, you share your candy.

I am suspicious about the glasses because I actually could see all the way to Saskatchewan and beyond.  Even in the fog.  The doctor said I had perfect vision but I did really have difficult with light.   All those years of hiding under my bed in the dark, or being locked in the closet, probably caused the damage.  Can't be sure, just guessing.

So I got one of the first pairs of the new super duper photo sensitive glasses.  They turned darker as the light got brighter and lightened up if  the light was less intent.  I should have been more appreciative of my super power glasses but I wasn't.   Maybe if they had really committed to the whole thing and bought me a costume to go along with it, I could have been.  Instead, the teachers screamed at me for wearing sunglasses in class.  Then I would have to force the teacher into a dark closet with me and show her that they turned light again and they were super powered glasses. 

Some of those teachers were really scary.

Teachers don't believe anything they were not taught or have not experienced.  Some of them don't even pay attention to their own experiences.   You must exercise extreme  caution when offering something they have not heard of before.  It could result in extra homework or worse.

The first day I got my glasses my grandparents made me wear them to a ball game my brother was pitching at. Girls were not allowed to play community ball - we were supposed to be learning how to make quilts for the needy.  The needy are people who are not you or anyone you know who evidently are so poor that while they starve to death and feel like crap because they have no work, no clothes, no house, etc ...wish most just for an ugly quilt sewn from someone else's old rags.  I am not judging anyone.  I am just saying if someone gave me a blanket as a gift and were all smiley and acting benevolent about it, I would have been really pissed.

I remember I had to wear a scarf tied in my hair, a yellow sweater and brown pants.  I had to because they matched my glasses .. which were .. wait for it ... brown.   My grandmother herded me around the stands of the ball diamond like I was a prize goat that had just been shampooed and blown dry.  The adults "oohed" and "aww'd" and the kids started in on the whole "4 eyes,"  "bug eyes," etc.  It was an epic outing.   

I wore my glasses I think a total of  3 hours and 27 minutes before I learned about the magic of assumptions and the power of never intruding on anyone's assumptions.  They are happy, you are happy  ... it is magical if you can just tip toe out of there and not disturb a thing.  I found out if I left my glasses in the case at the bottom of my school bag and just took them back and forth every day, everyone smiled and carried on.   

I guess they were kind of an expensive special rock/talisman my grandparents bought for me.  Carried them for years, sold them in a garage sale.  "Hardly used, magic sunglasses."  Got $5.00.


Oh ... I am blind now.  My dog doesn't even blink in the sunlight.

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