Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Whiter Shade of Pale

fusion 4a

Love white.

I think I started my love affair when people started telling me all the rules concerning it. 

You can't wear white past Labour Day.
Never wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride.
Don't wear white to a funeral.
For God's sake change her into play clothes before she ruins her Sunday dress.
You have to wear a slip or something under white, what would happen if it got wet?
Don't wear white if you are trying to look slimmer.

I like things other people pick on.  The heart wants what the heart wants.

fusion 2a

I also like that bunnies turn from brown into white during winter. 

I tried to convince my brother that bunnies had the ability to adapt and turn into whatever colour their environment was - it was evolution, survival.  I actually believed it.  Mainly because I think I was about 5 and heavy into the magical delusion of fairy tales portion of my life.

So I put a whole punch of pink all around the cages of his bunnies and told him to watch and see.

Nothing happened.

He made really cruel fun of me and told everyone who laughed and laughed.

I am sorry the bunnies died.  I did not know that pink paint was toxic.  I just wanted to protect him and keep his sense of child like wonder alive - the wonder that tells you all things are possible, magic does exist, and that I am never wrong.  The last bit being the most important.

There is nothing sadder than people all around me not knowing I am always right. 

Just because the bunnies died does not mean I was wrong.

I realized later I was experimenting on bunnies and they do not change during winter.  Wild Rabbits do.  I will finish my research when I go back to Canada and catch some wild rabbits and surround them with pink, and bomb them with positive messages that I believe in them, and they can do it.

If that does not work.  I have non toxic paint and a camera.

fusion 1a

I cannot leave this earth having provided my brother with even a hint that I might have been wrong.   I have to do this for his mortal soul. 

Because I really love him.

SKIN:  [theSkinnery] Quiana
HAIR:  *booN HUH031 hair black
HEAD PIECE:  AZOURY - Ashera Head Accessory
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
MAKE-UP:  -Errant- Bolly Makeup 1C (5 Pieces)
OUTFIT: SAS -- SnowBitch White
SHOES:  ::HH:: Hucci Pleasantville Pump - Moonglow
POSES:  Cranky House
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