Thursday, May 21, 2015

Locked Out of Life

blew it 1

What was the big deal about staying in a hotel when you went into the city and partied all night.  Anyone make it back to the actual room they rented?  Anyone?

Anyone make it to any room in that hotel?? 

I didn't think so.

blew it 2

We might as well have thrown the money out the window as we drove to wherever we were going.

And then there is all the awks of waking and not having any clue where you are or who the bearded lady is that you are with.

OK that never happened to me but I have a license for literature that allows me to do all kinds of tricks and illusions.   Sometimes I get writing and get so carried away with the interesting person I am making up I forget that it is all about me.   You can't just delete genius.  Sometimes you have to go with it and tell yourself, I can carry off magical princess.  I know I can.

And you put on your sparkly stretch pants and prance more.

Prancing confuses people.  You have to be someone to prance and people are afraid to ask you because what if they are the only people who don't know.   Always encourage people "don't knowing."  It's magical.

blew it 3

I did lock my brother out of the hotel room once.  My grandfather had to hose him down he was crying so bad.  Turns out he has serious abandonment issues.  I tried to tell him he should get over it.  They left the wrong basket in the forest when we were babies.  It was meant to be me, but even back then he couldn't help wearing my dresses.  We were both bald. 

Anyone could have made the same mistake.

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