Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer.

wanderlust 4

One summer I told my brother the story of how budda's head was covered with snails.

We got one of my baby dolls and decided we would make a budda out of her.  Only we don't have a lot of snails in Alberta. 

The next best thing we had as a substitute was marbles.  

wanderlust 3

Except neither glue guns nor crazy glue had been invented at that time and we were limited as to the types of glue we could use, the strongest appearing to be airplane glue.

It was not entirely successful due to the nature of marbles and our inability to stand there for 3 days holding each marble in place until it was dry and securely fastened.  We had awesome attention spans, it is just we got bored easily.  

The marbles sort of ended up sliding all over the baby doll.  Some were on the head, some on her face, some on her arms, her body and her legs.  She was covered with marbles, which, really did not look anything at all like snails.  Yes, the Canadian prairie, and its lack of suitable materials severely stunted my childhood!  The doll ended looking more like it had some bizarre disease.  We used it later in vigorous games of "Black Death" wherein we had soldiers hunting for the diseased people so they could burn them in the square.  Most of my brothers games involved soldiers hunting for people and then torture and horrendous death when they were found.  He was always on the soldier team and I was always on the torture and dying team.  He said my ability to be hysterical at the drop of the hat made me a natural.

I think I have him to thank for becoming so very talented at hide and seek.  If I could stay hidden until meal time I could avoid some of the torture.  If you had ever been tortured by my brother you would also understand the need to become very good at hiding.

The budda thing was one of my favourite childhood memories though.  I think back and it is all kind of hazy and dream like and beautiful .. my brother and I, children, playing together on the farm, laughing, sharing the joy of being alive, of being children and having whole days to just give in to our imaginations ....

Or maybe it was just the fumes from all that airplane glue.  We were in the root cellar with the door closed and I remember thinking how beautiful all those root vegetables were ,... and eating raw potatoes .... and not dying even though the maid told us if we ate raw potatoes we would die.  

wanderlust 8

I guess it could have been childhood, the glue, or just the euphoria of realizing we ate all those potatoes and then living to tell the tale.  Not dying can be a real endorphin rush too.

SKIN:  ryuukou noam cognac
FEET:  SLink
HAIR:  !Oleander ~ Oz. Dipped Tones
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash
NAILS:  MoonDance: Square Extra Short Poodle Skirts
TOP:  *COCO*_LaceCropTop_White
JEANS:  {Karma} Skinny Jeans - Bleached Stonewash
BELT:  {me.} Pansy Chain Belly [GOLD]
SHOES:  Ingenue :: Lacy Flats :: Seafoam
LOCATION:  Skye Neist Point
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