Saturday, June 13, 2015

Making The Grade.

mccoat 2

I learned in Sunday School that Joseph was one of the younger boys of his father Israel and he was the favourite.   Hence he was given a coat of many colours.  Evidently the others had plain brown ones.  You can always tell the favourite kids, they have the most colourful clothes.  People don't mean to dress their kids in drab colours but it just happens when you don't love fully and completely.

Hence all the pictures of me as a kid ... I am wearing black.

mccoat 3

So the other brothers hated him and threw him away.  Some dudes came by with camels and pulled him out of the pit before the wild animals got him.  Can't tell you how many favourite kids disappear in pits all over the world every year.  All that is found is shreds of colourful clothes.  Anyway, he was saved by the camel dudes and taken to be a slave.  It is amazing the kind of life you are willing to adopt when the alternative is being dead and you have no choice.

Joseph did what he was born to do, became the king's favourite and was soon moved into the palace where he hung out and so he was there when the world went to hell in a hand basket and his brothers showed up to ask the king for help.  Now most of us would have turned around and said "remember me?" and then exacted their revenge but not Joseph.  He proved what a swell guy he was and helped them and forgave them all.  

The point of it was something about being nice even when people are mean.  

I admit I forgot some of that because right after the class a bunch of vibrantly dressed kids were flushing another kids head in the toilet.  

That's the magic of the whole spirit thing going on right there.

mccoat 1

Does anyone ever flunk Sunday School, because I think it would be more helpful if they actually made people have to prove they understand the lessons before they let them out to run political parties?

Oh, and Joseph's brothers hated him even more.

That's the blessings in store for those who do the right thing and dress flamboyantly.

SKIN:  Glam Affair - Sia skin ( Fairy Tales )
HAIR:  .Olive. the Steffi Hair - Naturals
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
GLASSES:  (W) *MESH* Carlen Readers - 4 Colors
NECK TIE:  :WhoNose: Picnic Choker
NAIL POLISH:  Nailed It - Slink, Mesh & Belleza - The Runway Perfect Set
SHOES:  *YSandYS* SBrera pumps pink TDR SLink
COAT:  .::LD::. Haute Bouquet Coat Dress - Poppies
POSES: Co*motion
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