Monday, June 15, 2015

One Step Two Step

'ella 'ella 2

Some woman at our dance class made a comment on my hubby's muscles and told him he needs to knock off his time in the gym as it makes it difficult to move the women about with ease.

Evidently moving women about with ease is the object of dancing.

Who knew.

'ella 'ella 1

"Women who dance like a man with a slighter build."

Wasn't that kind of her?  Dance lessons AND body hints and tips.

That was right before I "tipped" her that we came to dance class as a couple and were not joining as a means to a dating club.  We didn't anticipate that he would be dancing with other women.  I was mainly the partner he had to worry about.  I liked him just fine the way he was and he managed to handle me perfectly well.

From then on it is all a blur, the music started, someone counted us in, and we began our steps and twirling and by the time the music stopped we were the last ones standing.

'ella 'ella 3


Some of those men should put in some more time in the gym.

SKIN:  .Birdy. Brooke skin ~Pure~ (Sunshine) VIP gift
TEETH:  Parted Lips [tattoos]
HAIR:  ~Tableau Vivant~ Springflower Hair - Equinox
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash
EYESHAADOW:  { birdy. } antm fierce.
NECKLACE:  (Kunglers Extra) Mariri - Copper
BRACELET:  Indyra Bangles Hapa Black
NAIL POLISH:  Nailed It -
SKIRT:  Yasum*MESH*Cutie Mini Skirt*MEGA HUD controled
LEGGINGS: Maitreya Footless Tights * Lollipop
TOP:  -Pixicat- Bohemian.Top (Black)
SHOES:  {AnaMarkova} Bette Pumps 
POSES: Co*motion
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