Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paper Dolls Have Feelings Too You Know.

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Loved paper dolls when I was a kid.  Spent hour painstakingly cutting them out, kept them all organized and flat in a box.  It was clearly preparation for life.

One day I would graduate fashion doll kindergarten and move on to Barbie elementary 101 which of course would take me eventually to Second Life Fashion.  All roads lead to Second Life.  I had no choice.  It was the plan for my life.

I had one girl friend, Gloria, who clearly was paper doll challenged and was forever breaking off the tabs which meant that their clothes would not stay on.  I am afraid I was not kind to Gloria.  I made her cry because I refused to let her touch the paper dolls.  I gave her a colouring book and a black crayon and locked her in the closet. 

She told on me when she gnawed her way out.

My grandparents were not pleased.  

I didn't think it was my job to explain fashion to her, or to point out her disabilities.  Let's face it, once you fail tab folding, there is not a lot of hope of career advancement.  Life was going to be a lot crueler to her than I ever was.  Not many people are even given a colouring book when real life puts them in a closet.

I had a case.  I tried to explain how precious my paper dolls were to me.  I pointed out breaking the tabs was like pulling the wings and legs off flies which I forgot to tell them I saw my brother doing the day before.  He did it all the time.  I even got out the dictionary and showed them "psychopath" and the picture of my brother and the body of a dead fly I had taped next to it.

A good parent would have recognized it as a serious warning sign.

Had the internet existed back in the day they would never have gotten away with harbouring someone who abused animals but that is exactly what they did.  My paper dolls felt strongly about animal rights and were strong activists and I could not understand why everyone was talking about me protecting them on behalf of flies everywhere and how that could be construed as more important than the need for them to deflect their anger towards my brother.  In short, the dolls were a symbol, Gloria - a terrorist not unlike my brother, the flies -tortured and dead, and my brother - the one they should be yelling at and punishing.  I was Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa .... saving the world ... while being fashion savvy and looking good.

Flies without wings and legs are just body stumps.  They just lie there.  There are no handicap scooters for wingless/legless flies.  I am just trying to tell you people the pictures are really disturbing and can scar you for life.

I know this is not making a whole lot of sense right now but you had to be there, be 7 years old, and be in real trouble, to truly understand it all.

I got punished.  Gloria went home and I never invited her over ever again. 

 I couldn't.

She disappeared.

I did a ceremony that involved some or her hair from her hair brush, one of her socks and all the swear words I knew.  I don't think the prairies ever heard so many "damns" and "shits" in their entire history.  A;; I  know is 3 days after that Gloria and her family disappeared  and no-one ever heard from them again.

Oh an that very same day, my paper dolls were smiling and I swear that none of them were before.  Not wide smiling but that kind or smirky smile that scares the heck out of you if that person is also holding a knife behind their back.  

My brother said I was not a nice girl, that no-one liked me, I was going to hell,  and playing with paper dolls was dumb.

firecracker 2

I asked if I could borrow his hair brush.

SKIN:  Swallow Gwen 07
HAIR:  little bones.. Haute - Landslide
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
LIPSTICK:  * Baiastice_Illegal lipstick Bi colours
JEWELLERY:  (Kunglers Extra) Nightbloom - Natura
NAIL POLISH:  Aa nail RiSa's* prim nail ::chocolate!!:
DRESS:  Artizana - Uisce VI // Summer Dress
PURSE:  [hh] Evie Bag ''Leather Pack'' HUD Driven 12 Textures
SHOES:  [:ME:] Basic High Heels (Red)
POSES: Co*motion
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