Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Girl Who Ran Away From the Circus.

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There was a girl in our school who always walked on her tiptoes.

We were in Asperger's Syndrome Denial back then, not even have imagined our way into any of the childhood diseases that would later afford parents and teachers an excuse to medicate children in masse.  I am pretty sure my grandparents felt really cheated and they probably had images of me quietly asleep tucked out of the way in my bedroom, when they considered what they had missed out on.   

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Everyone else laughed at the girl on tiptoes and called her names.  They said she was "retarded."  Of course no-one wanted to be friends with anyone mentally challenged.  Not that any of us knew anyone who was mentally challenged, but we were sure we would not like them because all our parents had modeled a complete disdain for all things "retarded" and we were nothing if not our parents little molded bits of clay.

I was pretty sure that she was a ballerina who had escaped a famous travelling circus and she was hiding out in the prairies where no-one would ever suspect.  I am clueless as to why they did not hide everything in the prairies because no-one ever suspects anything and asking questions is considered a crime.  People who disturb the peace like that are often sentenced to death.

I lay awake at night sometimes imagining her life.  She had been in love with a boy that worked at the circus and her parents split them apart because they wanted her to be a famous ballerina and dance Swan Lake on top of one of the horses or maybe even an elephant and he was a big distraction to their dream.  So they had him sent away from the circus. 

I knew what it was like to rebel against your families dreams and also to be a big distraction.  I felt like one with her. 

Losing him broke her heart and so she ran away and spent all her spare time searching for him.  I knew it might look like she was just walking down the hall from one classroom to the next at break but deep down she was searching for him, and he was searching for her, and someday they would find one another and be married and she would dance once again, with him, into happily ever after.

(Please feel free to sigh here and feel the romance of it all)

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Girls like her taught me such valuable lessons.

People are a lot more likable if you can just ignore the stuff you don't like and make up who they really are.   Ignore reality whenever possible.  Live in your own world where everything is in its place and makes perfect sense to you.  

If you need help with my backstory, just contact me.  I can give you several options which are much more interesting than the truth.  

P.S.  I can't be a ballerina though because I don't walk on my tiptoes .. unless I am a ballerina who suffered a tragic accident that made it impossible for me to both stay as thin as a pencil or be on my toes.    Also, I don't look good in a tutu . . . 

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