Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Merry-Go-Round.

dancing pony 1

We are buying an off roading caravan/trailer/thingy.

I am quite excited about it, but this morning we had the discussion about where it will be parked in the yard.  The extra garage we built is not tall enough sp we have to look at at a parking pad with a cover.  Driving it onto the land from the street we have to be able to turn the thing around - added that we have fruit trees and flower beds to dodge AND the trailer has got dual wheels which makes it a bit more tricky to park.

I am saying all this like I know what the heck I am talking about, but I don't.  This is how I got through the classes I hated in school, I learned to parrot back what I was told and say it with conviction.  I pressed really hard with my pencil when I did the tests.

dancing pony 4

The rose garden is going to have to be reconfigured/moved/taken out.  Then hubby said that we can park it there right in front of the house in the yard ... ummm ... nooooo.

"That will look really yucky from the street.  I like the front of the house."

"I am not moving the front of the house, you will still be able to see the front of the house."

"Oh right, IF you park the car and get out and walk around the trailer and look at it.  What are you going to do, have front of the house tours?"

Then he said, "WHO ever sees the front of our house anyway?  We are second from the end of a dead end street and the only people who ever drive by our house are the neighbours who hate us .  Who cares what they see?"  He used that tone with me, it is the tone he uses when he thinks I am being ridiculous.  It is like a roaring sarcasm accompanied by a semi eye roll.  He amps up his voice 18 notches.  The walls shake.

I answered as I scrambled to save the crystal and the china from shattering all over the floor in a million pieces, "I do.  I want the yard to look nice."  I went to the window and looked out at the other alternative on the side of the house.  "But I will be able to see it there too, so it doesn't matter where we put it, it is going to wreck the yard."

"Oh, OK THEN, we won't even bother getting a caravan if it is going to "wreck the yard."  We need to make sure the yard looks nice.  Forget travelling Australia, in fact, we won't go to Canada this year either, we will just stay home and look at our yard and make sure it stays nice.  We will tell everyone we just forgot about our dreams and lives, instead,  we have a nice yard, did they want to come by and see it?"

"Only if they take their shoes off at the gate."

dancing pony 2

I told him I was not going to help him make the tough decisions anymore if he was not going to take my help seriously.

He said, "Deal."

I bet he thinks he has won.  I am a woman.   I am also a Scorpio.  He doesn't stand a chance.

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