Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Choices of the Day.

knock knock 2

We have dead bunnies all over our yard.

Well ... technically ... parts of dead bunnies.

None of them were boiled so I am satisfied the hubby has not been having an affair with some psycho woman.  (yes yes, I know, he married one ... go sit down at the back of the room.)

knock knock 1

Someone let their pet bunnies out of their cage, or, when they got out, they made little effort to find them.  So we ended up with 3 little baby bunnies hopping around our yard and while it made for idyllic, picture postcard, summer days . . . it was worrisome.  There is a huge fine for keeping bunnies in Australia.  They are illegal contraband and they do serious bunny searches at all the borders.

First of all I had to convince all the Australians that they were indeed bunnies.   I do know the difference between hares and bunnies.   Aussies are not convinced that people from other parts of the world have any real experience of any value or meaning to their way of life.  I had to pass a really tough interrogation on bunny vs. hare facts to clear that hurdle.  Then I had to convince them that they were indeed, here, in Queensland, Australia, and in our very yard.  Many Aussies belong to the church of "We don't have any bunnies in Australia, they are outlawed."  

Ok, they may indeed be criminal bunnies.   And finally I had to convince people to put their weapons down and to stop yelling - we did not have bunnies.  They were having us.  They showed up and would not leave and were feasting on all our plants and we were not thrilled although I had said "awwww" a couple of times because their cuteness kind of creeps up on you.    We did consider calling the council to come and get them but then we were told there were so many outlawed bunnies that they were kind of leaving it up to people to handle their own problems.  

I was not going to handle the rabbits.  I hummed the circle of life a lot and figured it would have to be dingo's, wild dogs or maybe a snake.

Then our 3 bunnies became 5 bunnies and it was clear the incestuous relationship bunnies are wont to engage in was on.  Then they became 8 and we had a bunny herd.   The herd stampeded back and forth across the yard and I had visions of multitudes of bunnies taking over the world as we knew it.  I did a dingo dance but they still did not show up.

And then the sky darkened one day, the sun blocked by the mighty wings of a giant eagle.  And the hawks came and then there was silence over the space of a week or so and when they sun shone again there were only 2 bunnies.  

Now there are none and there are bunny body parts everywhere.

Suck is the life of the criminal bunny.

If they made it into a horror movie they could really play up the who done it.  Was it the birds of prey?  A Dingo?  Mad Dogs?  The zombie head bopped field mice seeking revenge for the actions of Little Bunny Foo Foo?   They could make sure it sent a clear message that bunnies are not allowed in Australia.  People tend to take being told what to do when you subliminally hide it in a cute story that incites fear.

I feel sorry for the bunnies though.  The irresponsible humans who bought them as pets and failed to take care of them should have to face a kangaroo court (which works well here) and let the animals decide their fate.   

knock knock 3

Yup you are right, long day, no idea what to write.  I remembered the admonition to write about whatever is around you right now and there you have it ... parts of dead bunnies ... scattered around the yard ....

It was that or the basket of dirty underwear that needs to be done ....

Consider yourself a winner.

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