Friday, July 10, 2015

I'm A Blanket Hog.

In the Back Alley 1

Hubby wanted me to show me how much he loved me this morning so he took me to the bedroom.  Oh grow up  . . . all of you.

In the Back Alley 2

Anyway he pointed to the unmade bed and the fact that most of the covers were on my side and how he woke up with a very cold arm but instead of pulling them back over on him, he let me have them all.  He said I always pull the blankets over to my side and leave him without any.  I think I was supposed to feel sorry for him.  Frankly if he can't keep hold of the blankets he needs to stay warm, why is that my problem?  I pointed out that he is the one who is always telling me it is not cold and he is really warm so I am surprised he even uses blankets at all.  He is the one who says he was sweating through the night when I am using a blow torch to bring feeling back into my frozen legs.  He is the one the police picked up in Canada wandering the streets after they told everyone to stay inside because it was too cold for everyone to be out in the -57 weather.  Pfft what was a little cold to a "man" like him?

I think I won that one.  I failed to apologize and feel bad and try to make it up to him.

Later he came in to tell me not to go swimming.  He told me he had waded in,  up to his knees, to wash this hands.  This makes sense to the man.  You need to wash your hands, so you go outside to the swimming pool and wade in up to your knees.  You stand there in the freezing cold water and think, "hmm I must make sure I tell Aria NOT to go swimming."   Good thing I wasn't already in my swimming suit and on my way out when he found me.  

I asked him if he wanted me to move the hand soap and the towel and fill the bath tub so he could carry on the ritual indoors, or did he just want a bucket of water by the sink?  He rolled his eyes and repeated  he just wanted to warn me the water was really cold.  I said, "I know, it is the middle of winter here.  I knew that without even having to go near the water.  That is what happens when the weather gets cold, the water gets cold too.  There's a reason people don't swim in the winter ... see look ... none of the neighbours are in their pools either."  And then I rolled my eyes.

I asked him if he knew his name and what day it was and if his doctor had done any testing for dementia because inability to feel  and  wading  into ice water to wash his hands were probably pretty strong indicators that testing should be done.  Then I made him some warm milk and got him his teddy.

In the Back Alley 3

I just checked on him.  The committee met and we decided that we needed to do regular checks on him to make sure he was not naked, running around outside in his bathing suit or rubbing ice on himself or something.  He seemed to be ok.    I have the first shift and then I will take over the next one around dinner time.  We decided to take turns like that because  I pulled everyone together who loves him and I can promise you, I will not leave him unattended.

That is the kind of committee I am.

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