Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Confession

moonlight 1

I really should confess that I am a model in real life.

Early in my teens I modeled my own designs for the 4-H Clothing Club - a highly recognized fashion organization, setting the bar for fabulousity on the prairies.  People flocked to the spring show dying to see what was in for the new season.  I modelled a unique ironing mitt and a stunning apron.  They went right into my hope chest because you never know when you have a guy and he is thinking about marriage, not quite there, and then you can show him your apron and WHAM! He is over the edge and ready to walk down the aisle with you.  Nothing says commitment like a well made apron.

I had to cut my career short due to the fact I was not a good loser.  I sort of lost it when I did not win the best dress and took my fellow models hostage and insisted their parents could only get them back by auction.  I used their aprons as leads and had them on all fours and made them walk around the ring and roll over and stuff so people could bid on them.  I knew how they did it in the beef clubs and thought it was much more entertaining than just having the girls walk up and down a runway and smile.  No-one ever smiled at me.  I was pretty bitter.  I think everyone had fun except that when the evening was over we had 2 girls that no-one wanted.    I sent them to the stockyards.

moonlight 2

I got kicked out of the 4-H Clothing Club.  I think they wanted to give the other girls a chance to shine a little bit.  I was clearly already a leader and needed no further opportunities in that regard so now I just wanted the world ... both the real and virtual, so I could  shine my fashiontude on everyone.  I know that people appreciate me even if they cannot speak when they meet me.  I have that effect on people.  Awestruck ... all of them.

SKIN:  Lara Hurley Skin-Gervaise
HAIR:  *booN  ARK554 hair and *booN  hairpieces BOTA76
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash
EARRINGS:  [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Crystal Earring Rose
GOWN:  Snowpaws - Libra Gown - Sanguine
LOCATION:  Ironwood Hills
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