Thursday, July 23, 2015

Prophesying For The Nation. When Dreams Come True.


You may want to write this down somewhere because I had a dream and I am not 100% sure but it could be prophetic.

Whenever I see glitter or sparkles or people with white flowing anything ... I try to pay attention.  You would think that teachers in school would catch on to this and jazz up their wardrobe and their classrooms a little.  Can you  imagine the impact of teaching math if the teacher walked through the mist produced from a smoke machine and stood at his desk with a wand that shot out sparkles to direct our attention to the formulas on the boards?

I might not have climbed out the window every time he turned his back.

Just saying.

My life could have been completely different.


I had a dream that this white horse like thing with wings and a tail and a furry face was flying through the air over my house.  Ok maybe it was more like a white cat thing was flying but for some reason in the dream I thought it was a horse.  I am not clear in dreams if you go with what you were thinking or what you actually saw when the event unfurled.

Anyway it was flying and circling and Tony Abott and a bunch of politicians showed up and they wanted to come into the house and have some of my cinnamon buns.  Trust me when I say, if they had ever eaten any of my buns, they would drive all the way here for them.  Hey maybe the flying cat/horse was like a sign for them.  You know, a star led the wise men to baby Jesus, maybe a giant flying fur ball led the idiots to my house.  I was actually excited when I started typing that last sentence, but by the timne I got to the end of it  . . . not so much . . .

They wanted in and I told them I was disgusted with them and their behaviour and that woman who misused the helicopter was definitely NOT coming in.  I told them I would feed the boat people before I would feed them and then I was scared that they would hear my Canadian accent and would tell me I had to go back there  . . . on a boat . . . so I settled with telling them they could sit along the street and I would bring them some cinnamon buns.  

I have doilies inside my house that need to be protected you know.  I couldn't trust Tony to be alone with my doilies.  I am pretty sure he would have soiled them.

Tony really wanted to be my friend.   He was being all chatty and trying to talk hockey with me.   I gave him the worst bun of the lot.  He loved it anyway.

What can I say, it is really hard for me to make yucky buns.

The rest of them kind of faded into the gutters and suddenly it was just Tony and me and the cat horse thingy falpping its wings as we were walking down by the creek.  I said, "There are turtles in there you know."   This point seemed incredibly important.  I am not positive but I think there was this "duh duh DUUUHHHHH" sound when I said that.  The next thing there was a turtle with Tony's head and his swim cap on and a speedo stretched over its shell swimming off down the creek through the lily pads.  The cat/horse thingy told me I shouldn't let him go like that, he could drown .. so for some reason I chucked a cinnamon bun at him, clocked him on the head, and he drowned.

I looked up and the horse cat was flying off into the sun and there were angels singing and I looked at my hands and they were glowing and all my birds were gathered in the trees singing ... and then I woke up ....

I think this could really mean something important.


I am just saying if anything happens to Tony in the next little while ... I haven't baked any cinnamon buns in months so don't blame me, and besides .. they are light and airy and who drowns because they have been hit on the head with a cinnamon bun . . . anyone with half a brain could get out of the way, or fight it off, or survive in some way ....

Gee that sentence started out great and ended even better.  Bonus!!

SKIN:  Belleza- Grace C88 Med 2
HANDS and FEET:  SLink
HAIR:  ""D!va"" Hair "Kelly" (Moon stone)
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash
MAKE-UP:  LIPSTICK:  DAZED -UtopiaH- Glossy Pink Lip (medium)
EYESHADOW:  Zibska ~ Arzu Frost
DRESS:  SAS - Froth Latte Gown
SHOES:  lassitude and ennui Nevermore heels - white
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