Friday, July 31, 2015

Some People Are Never Satisfied, Not to Mention Any Names Mom.


No kid likes wearing a coat,  especially on the prairies.  As soon as you can walk, you learn to never allow your parents to coat shop for a coat unsupervised.  It is a survival tactic all children know.

Left to their own devices, parents would get some huge puffy, durable thick brown or dark green, heavy coat that zips up from your calves to just below your eyes.  These things always have a zipped in extra lining that your parents fix so it can never be zipped out.  They are terrified of the potential of kids sipping and unzipping willy nilly throughout the long winter months.  They do this because they envision you, an extra pair of hands to work the land,  lost in the fields somewhere, wandering, blinded by the snow, freezing to death,  ... found at spring thaw, huddled in a frozen mass just a few feet from where the search cows gave up the hunt last winter.  It takes about 5 years to make a replacement for you that is of any use to the farm. Money can drive even the kindest people to desperate acts.  Most of those farmers may look docile but they are desperate underneath those coveralls.

And parents never consider that the freezing to death in the field look does not translate to looking cool at school.  It is kind of surprising.  You can't learn to square dance in a vacuum.  


So we hated coats, it obliterated our cool.  Except for a brief period where Woods ski jackets were considered awesome and we wore them even in the summer.  I was big on maxi coats and tried wearing one to school and was immediately branded as being under some kind of satanic influence and a town meeting was called.  I was followed by farmers on tractors wearing sunglasses for months.   

Years later, one of the kids at school characterized me to someone else as, "Oh ya, she always wore the weirdest things."  Yes honey, I was into fashion and I am sure, standing next to all that denim and plaid, it looked strange as hell.  I was out of control.  I even wore make-up and liked music that was not Country or Western.  

Parents were always yelling at us to put a coat on.  We would carry one with us, but never put it on.  More coats got lost in the back seats of cars than I can even say.   My parents took my refusing to wear a coat when it was cold outside as evidence that I was intellectually impaired.  They would ask me why and I would try to explain cool, then they would ask if everyone else was going to jump off a cliff, would I jump too, and I would tell them it would depend on what was at the bottom of the cliff, but the possibility did exist.  Then we would both have a headache and I would be dismissed to my room.  

I was always a great disappointment to them in that regard.  So, immediately after I took this picture, I mailed it to my mother.  I thought she would be so proud of me, to see me standing outside, with a coat on, looking fabulous.

She sent it back to me with a handwritten note, "Don't be ridiculous, THAT is not you."


Ok Mom, now you are just splitting hairs.

SKIN:  Glam Affair - Luna - Simply Girl + Nyam Nyam
HANDS and FEET:  SLink
HAIR:  (Chemistry) Hair - Min
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Intense Collection
LASHES:  ATIA's Whisper Lashes
MAKE-UP:  Lipstick:   Baiastice_Illegal lipstick Bi colours
EARRINGS:  Izzie's - Coin Jewelry Set (copper)
NOSERING:  ~Tantalum~ Jawaher Hearts Nose Chains*
TOP:  [WandB] Claven Lace Blouse ROSE
PANTS:  {Karma} High Waist Belted Pants
SHOES:  fri. - Penny.Janes (Blush)
COAT:  .: ryvolter :. Zola Cashmere Coat - Pearl
POSES:  AgaPee
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