Monday, July 6, 2015

The Plan.

cherry tree 2

The case of the startled woman.

Lately I have been easily startled.

It comes from a lifetime of raising children and dodging bullets.  I am in permanent "fight or flight" mode ... Which, when you are no longer able to make snap decisions. results in a sort of deer caught in the headlights stance with a deep primal scream and sometimes, slight  peeing of the pants.

The screaming hurts hubby's ears.

cherry tree 1

Now when he is coming home he honks, he opens and closes the garage door several time, slams the truck door a couple of times, starts yelling, "It's only me, I am home, I am coming in," ... etc.  Then he knocks on the door and stands back behind the bookcase and says "hello."

Usually I jump, strike the deer headlight pose, scream and sometimes pee myself.

I have either mutated to where my sheer powers of concentration envelope me in a cone of concentration so deep that I should probably be wearing a pressurized suit of some kind OR I have become a savant at eliminating irrelevant stimuli from my surroundings.  Either way I am awesome and my hubby . . . could be irrelevant??

Now hubby walks on eggshells afraid to interrupt me.

I think this response should serve me well in the nursing home. 

I don't want to go to one but this is already incredibly obnoxious (my husband drew me a picture and did a power point presentation on HOW obnoxious it is) I am quite sure that if the people at the home will not put me out of my misery voluntarily, they can be driven to doing it.

cherry tree 3

I think as we get older it is important to share these little tidbits with our loved ones so they can be at peace and know it is all part of a greater plan.  Not the plan everyone lied about throughout life where they say that there is one and all the crap has meaning, but the a plan none the less. 

If you want to say "Amen" here you can . . . and I don't even mind wrapping it all up with a good hymn.

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