Sunday, July 19, 2015

We May All Look Identical But We Aren't.

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I have a scar on my knee from where my brother pushed me off the brick fireplace and I hit the corner of it and massaged my knee into it on the way down to the ground.    When I peeled the scab off it looked like the grand canyon filling with the blood river.  It is probably the worst scar I have from my childhood

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My brother had a few chipped teeth.   We were playing marbles on the ground and he won all my marbles and I was a poor loser so I grabbed a handful and started a new game where the object was to huck them at his mouth from across the room and see how many he could hold in his mouth at once. 

The answer is 8.

I probably could have got more in there had my grandmother not stopped the game.  Something about all that blood staining the floor.   Also, he did have some broken teeth in there that had they been removed, there might have been more room.  I just think, even if you did not beat your old score, you should give credit where it might have been due.

I did that at my 4-H clothing club.  I pointed out had the material not been so crappy, and had my scissors been sharper, the sewing machine capable of sewing a straight line and I had more time to unpick it and redo for the 8th time .. .  the pocket on my dress would have been perfect and I would have aced the win.  I think sometimes they should overlook the little details and see the bigger picture. 

I also could have won Miss Universe if not for the body measurement crap they are so anal about . . . I mean how important is a bathing suit anyway to world peace?  I could sing it just as good as any of those women.

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That is why I like the whole idea that our scars and imperfections are what make us real.  Some us are just a whole lot more real than others, and that should be rewarded too.  Just saying . . . 

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