Monday, August 10, 2015

Chick Chick Chick.


Never fully understood why the term "don't be chicken" was used to suggest that someone was afraid to do something.   I doubt a farmer ever came up with it.  In fact, most of the sayings about farm animals show ignorance about the animals they are referring to. 

Sheep really are not "fluffy."  Think really curly hair, never combed, wandering through the fields and the dirt for months and then having to shave it all off.  Pigs are not "big fat pigs" that we imply when we label someone overweight who just sits around and eats.  Pigs are vicious.  There is a reason serial killers dispose of bodies in the pig pen . . . nothing left of a body once a pig gets to it.  No way  to prove they were ever there.  And if you think pigs will eat anything, ever been around goats?  And all that dancing and playing with goats is cute until they decide that they need to move you out of the way.  A goat head, racing towards you at 50 km an hour, that connects with your hip .... painful.  

Cows are not easily "tipped" when they sleep, being as they sleep lying down and I would like to see you sneak up on a cow weighing almost 1000 kg and "tip" them over.   And then I would like to see you do more than one, because the claim is always that they  "tipped cowS."  All those city kids who claim they went out on the weekend "cow tipping" should probably not be stumbling around in the dark as they clearly cannot see a thing ... not sure what they "tipped" but it was not a cow.

Geese are not docile graceful birds in serene paintings.  They hiss and chase and bite with a pinching like quality that resembles your brother taking a pair of pliers to your arm and taking in a single nerve, a tad of skin, and sending you to a place where the lights are bright and sound fades around you and all goes black.

Chickens can be vicious.  Even in death, with their heads chopped off,  they run around creating a fuss.  They scratch in the dirt for bugs, meaning their feet have really sharp claws and possibly spurs.  Their beaks are precision nail gun like forces to be reckoned with.  Pray they are not going for an eye.

My brother tried to train attack chickens.  I think he did it because he was banned from organizing the cows, not that the cows were good subjects anyway, they kept laying down and wanting to sleep.  Probably because they had to stay up all night to be on the look out for city people sneaking in and shoving them around.  No-one ever made the connection, but an awful lot of city teens went missing there for awhile.  It happened about the same time that the cows and the pigs became really good friends, and then the pigs started really packing on the weight and were not that interested in the pellets we normally fed them.


I am just saying, perhaps Animal Farm is not the only saga of how the animals can gather and plot.

SKIN:  -Glam Affair - Coral - Jamaica - Lotus H
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Intense Collection
LASHES:  ATIA's Whisper Lashes
NECKLACE:  Ariskea  { Sparks }  Moon Necklace - Silver
RINGS:  Ariskea [Trance] Ring Collections Silver & Gold
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BAG:  MULIER x 1992 // Prouler Clutch (Lemon)
SHOES:  [whatever] Flaties - yellow
POSES:  *PosESioN*
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