Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Think I Had A Paranormal Experience Today

tiptoe through the canaries

I had my annual eye check up.  They told me to take a seat around the corner but when I tried to take it out of the store they got all bent out of shape.   Evidently they wanted me to go and sit down around the corner; I have no idea why they did not just say that.

I never do what I am told.  Sorry, once you make a habit of something, it is hard to break even if you want to.  I don't want to, so talking to me is useless.  My grandparents finally gave up and moved while I was away one weekend.  It worked out well.  They stopped trying to tell me what to do and I was no longer annoyed.

tiptoe through the canaries 1

I think they were a bit disappointed that I never tried to find them though.  I have a theory that when people spend a fortune on removing all trace of themselves, and manage to get themselves into the Witness Protection Programme and then they find out that no-one has even noticed they were gone, let alone cared ... it can really be a self esteem downer.

For the record, I am not the one who told them that I didn't even notice they had moved until I was 32.

Anyway, I was out looking at eyeglass frames, while I waited to be summoned to the eye room.  I like to work my way up to having my eyes blasted with air so I asked random people to blow in my eyes.  Gee people are testy when it comes to helping someone out.  The store monitor asked me to "refrain" from upsetting the rest of the customers.  I had to settle at looking at eyeglass frames.  The lady pointed out that this wall, and "these" were the women's frames.  I nodded and headed straight for the men's frames.  She said, "those are men's frames."  I said, "thank you."  She stood and watched me and I knew, had she been able to secure a ruler, she would have smacked my hands as I reached for another men's pair to try on.

I could hear her teeth grinding into each other as she clenched her jaw. 

I told her, "THAT is such a good look on you!  Seriously!  It takes away all those little lines around your mouth."

An older lady was telling her helper that she needed a pair of glasses that made her "look intelligent."  She was taking the pair of pink glasses with little kitties etched into them out of the hands of the helper and putting them back on the display.  She moved towards some basic styles.   The helper picked out a blue pair with little dog decals.  The lady frowned and shook her head.  Soon she was beside me at the men's display.  I so high fived her.

Well I didn't actually because I probably would have knocked her over, but I did in my mind.  You know when you see an older woman with class and you look at them and just want to be like them when you age ... more age than you are aged right now ....?  She was just leaving the store when I came out of my eye exam.  She had a chair underneath her sweater.

tiptoe through the canaries 2

I love her. 

I think maybe I had a paranormal experience, you know, saw myself in the future . . .

The best part?

I've lost weight!!

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