Monday, August 31, 2015

The Good Old Days When Chimps Were Cute.


I have been a bit under the weather, sick in bed, crying, wanting my mommy  . . . and icecream.

I got lots of time alone and a stuffed monkey.

Oh . . . . and lots of yucky medicine.   We can do all kinds of anything but putting cough medicine into some form that does not taste like paint thinner ... peach paint thinner that burns your throat, your chest, your nostrils  and holes in your pillow case ... completely out of our reach.

The monkeys and heroes  of my childhood were a much kinder group.   Tarzan never "accidentally" flashed anyone and he carried his chimp everywhere.  He loved that chimp and the chimp just loved him to bits.  They were always doing cute things. Then you have the Beverly Hillbillies and Elly May and her cute chimp, cute, cute, cute.  And hey, don't forget even a President in the US, and bedtime, and Bonzo the chimp. People read us stories about Curious George to put us to sleep. (yes "people."   I have no idea who those people were that showed up beside my bed at night and started reading stuff to me and tucking my covers in .)

The world has changed. It is a scary scary place now. I watched an episode of Nip and Tuck where a chimp went crazy and ate this woman's face off and today someone sent me a clip on Chimps with machetes running through the jungle. Someone evidently thought THAT was a good idea although I never thought of machetes as "cute."   Well now chimps have machetes instead of bananas and they  are out of control.  And have you seen any of the Planet of the Apes? 


I am burning my sock monkey tonight. I don't want it getting any ideas.

SKIN:  .Birdy. Ali Vip skin - Pure
HAIR:  Lamb. Bee - Variety Pack
NECKLACE:  Ariskea  { Sparks }  Moon Necklace - Silver
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Intense Collection
LASHES:  ATIA's Whisper Lashes
MAKE-UP:  LIPSTICK:  [Hush] Lipcolor - Natural - Juicy (caramel)
TEETH:  DeeTaleZ Teeth Realistic with Gap
LEGGINGS:  erratic / ripped stockings - feet / brown
DRESS:  BlackRose Belted Baggy Dress Brown
PURSE:  -David Heather-Palazzo Tote/Moss
BOOTS:  (Kunglers) Thabita boots - Camel
POSES:  Tuty
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