Sunday, August 2, 2015

Those Little Keepsake Moments.


Hubby informed me he had to go to the gym the other  morning because "he couldn't stand around doing nothing."

Oh no problem, you go.  I mean I actually thought we were talking but I guess if you consider that nothing."

"You know what I mean, I can't just stand still in one place or my back starts hurting."


I told him I would be fine with him doing jumping jacks while we were talking.  That is the kind of helpful person I am.  Someone brings up a problem and I immediately come up with solutions.

"Thanks darling, but unfortunately there isn't enough room in your office on account of the walls and all your angels."   And then he proceeded to demonstrate how the walls got in the way of his flailing hands.

"I forgot that you were that spastic when you move, of course you need more space for the jumping jacks BUT they are a good option if you had the space.  Why don't you run up and down the hall past the office and I will shout."

"I really think it would just be a better option for me to go to the gym but I will keep those options in mind, especially the jumping jacks, excellent suggestion darling."  The papers on my desk flew in the air as he was out the door, down the hall, into the garage and the truck was speeding down the road.  I think he probably could have a retirement career as a super hero.  I think he would look awesome in leotards and a cape.


I did catalogue the insult to our conversation and will get back to that, several times, in the years ahead . . .   but I basically forgot about the whole thing as the day went on.  I have had to suggest that it is probably best he not do the jumping jacks at church in the middle of the sermon however,  if he needs to move, I can take him to the children's room for some time out.  I am sure the other kids would accept him as one of them.

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