Monday, September 7, 2015

My Rabbit Hole Was Deep and Scary.

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For some reason my hubby delights in shopping for cough medicine for me.  He insists I stay in bed and he will pick me up "some. "  I am pretty sure he skips up and down the aisles checking for the most foul tasting stuff he can find. 

He roars back into the garage, some time later and skips into the kitchen telling me he got me some really good "stuff" this time.  He can't wait for me to try some to help me "stop coughing" and shows up at my bedside with a  gravy ladle and a tumbler of water to wash it down with.  I will admit he looks pretty good in his nurses uniform  but his hair could be a bit more flattering ... as in ... if he had any ...

It takes us awhile to argue about what two spoonfuls is and to convince him no-one ever confused a tablespoon or a teaspoon with a gravy ladle.  He can't get away with murder if his defense is that while the manufacturer did not actually  say "gravy ladle," he is pretty sure he meant to.  He always seems so disappointed to have to put the gravy ladle back and complains the whole time about what the point is in having sterling silver anything if you never ever use it.

I try to use the time to hide but he usually catches me somewhere in a nano-inch between where I just was and and a the fingernails width of sheet  I manage to claw myself across on my escape route.  He is darn muck flu victims are not known for their ability to sprint.  I can see the amused mocking in his eyes as he pours spoonful after spoonful and keeps losing count between 1 and 2 and has to start over again.  He always blames me for that, says I was being such a big baby about the taste that when I started trying to throw up, he completely forgot what number we were on.

I am lucky to be alive.  I think he gave me 36 spoonfuls in the confusion this morning,

Why is it that cough medicine is always like medicated camel armpit mixed with some kind of chemical oil and that burns when you swallow it .... flavoured with peach.  Only it is a chemical peach.  It is  like saying the paint thinner you are drinking is enhanced with a lovely peach Pledge furniture polish type of flavour.

Criss Angel can make people think someone is walking up the side of a building, why can't someone create an illusion that convinces me I am eating lobster?  Why do I have to be so sick I am dying and then to help me they give me medicine that makes me want to die so I won't be dying and have to take medicine that makes me want to die more?  Can you see where I am going with this? 

And then the hubby turns over the egg times and keeps checking on whether or not it is time for me to have another dose. 

who I am 2  

I keep telling myself that I will go shopping for my own cough medicine when I am well, so I have some decent stuff on hand, but the trauma from my recovery always takes much longer than I thought it would and before you know it, 8 years have passed and I have the flu again.  And Mr. Einstein, the definition of insanity is actually buying cough medicine decades apart and expecting that anyone has done anything that resembles a humanitarian effort aimed to end my suffering  . . .

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