Saturday, September 12, 2015

Run Rabbit, Run.

beyond the night 1

My brother decided that we should make our own fur coats one winter.  It was a combination of cabin fever  and insanity.  It had the makings of a really good horror thriller.  

It has been a long cold winter and my grandparents would have agreed to anything if it meant that we stopped saying "I'm bored" in the  great,  "does repeating "I'm bored,"  endlessly, produce exactly  the same results as dripping water in the Chinese Water Torture Experiment?"

That was what we were playing before my brother came up with the self made fur coat idea.

beyond the night 3

It meant we had to get fur coats.  It would have been nice if more animals could have just dropped frozen dead and lay there for us to gather them but if they did drop frozen dead, then it snowed, and blowed, and they were covered up and gone.   OR, some other farm kids down the way had already been playing the "let's make our own fur coat" game and they were clearly way ahead ... or cheaters ...

We got a few rabbits, some cat, a bit of dog . . . and lots of patchy cows.  We had a nice fox but Grandpa said we had to give Grandma's fur coat back as she was screaming that she wanted to kill us and knew where the guns were.   Also, someone else had already submitted it, and presumably won, for another game, another year.  I got out the rule book for the "make your own fur coat this winter," board game and proved that there is nowhere in the rules it says you cannot incorporate an existing coat into a current coat, provided you do not present it in it's entirety and that you rework it into a new design of which it is just part.   

If he had given me more time to craft the hand puppets so I could help him with the big words,  it would have been worth it.  I lost the half finished puppets in the snow . . . running for my life . . . away from the belt and my grandfather.

We decided to go with his rules.

He dropped us off in Saskatchewan and told us as we made our way back to the farm, we should find lots of fur.

There was probably not as much as you might expect.  The fur traders had a lot of cool stuff when they died and no-one saw that many rabbits or buffalo after they passed.  We do, however, have lots of interesting bobble heads for the dash of your car.

In reflecting back I am grateful that we did not study the Eskimos until the following year at school because my brother would have insisted we kill our own animals, and I chew down their skins until they were nice and fluffy.  Yes, that is the price of fluffy.  Next time you visit someone in Canada, and you see a fluffy anything, you look at the woman's teeth.  If they are nubs in her mouth, with bits if fur caught in them, then you know.  Enjoy your fucking fluffy moose.

Canadian Women gave it all just so your car dash bobble head has some fluff on it.

Our fur coat ended up more like a cape . . .  about 1/8th of a cape that I ended up using as a barbie hunting lodge blanket for when I took Gi Joe up into the Mountains and we camped for the weekend.  (I always told my grandparents I was staying at Midge's house.) The spring came, and even though there was plenty of fresh road kill, we had to get our fresh zuchinni, crab apples, lemonade and cow tipping stall open by the side of the highway for the influx of city folks heading out for a good time in the country.  

beyond the night 2

After that we were older . . . and better medicated during the winters.  That's what happens when you grow up with medicine and science.  Hope.  And sometimes sanity is a part of that hope.

Other times . . . not so much . . .

SKIN:  [the Skinnery] Meysha - Bare face (toffee)
TEETH:  [:ME:] Sapphire Lips (04 Dark w/ Teeth)
MAKE-UP:  :F: Serious - EyeLiner + EyeShadow - Red
HAIR:  {fascino} Gorg DarkBrownColellection
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Intense Collection
LASHES:  ATIA's Whisper Lashes
JEWELLERY: The Giada Set  Artistry by E
DRESS:  Snowpaws - Anastacia Rose Garden Dress
SHOES:  _CandyDoll_Gossa  Bloody - SLINK
POSES:  Epiphany
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