Monday, September 28, 2015

Some Women Wear Dresses On The Football Field of Life.


We had a set of twins in our school who were a cross between dolls, nerds and little orphan Annie.  They were like a couple of older English ladies, sitting in front of the telly rugged up in sweaters and colourful stockings with their permed, just shy of frizzy, hair.

And they finished each other's sentences.

I liked them because they were oblivious to how weird everyone else thought they were.  And they were weird - when you consider all that means is that in comparison to the norm ... they were not that.

I sometimes opened a window on the school bus and stuck my head out, gasping for fresh air ... something ... anything . . .  different from the norm.

One year our school announced we would have a girl's football team.  First we were excited.  Then we counted the number of girls that attended our high school.  After that we spent some time trying to convince our coach that some of the girls in Jr. High and at least 3 in Elementary could pass for High School girls.  When that failed, we tried to convince them that some of the boys had bigger boobs than most of the girls in High School and they could pass for girls.  Turns out the coach had just been made deacon at church and did not want to go to hell.  We were stuck with what we had.

So I scouted.  If we could not convince enough girls to play, we could not have a team.  I LOVED football.  The only thing better than being allowed to have a school team for the girls would have been being allowed to play on the boy's team.  I played with the boys every recess - whatever sport was being played.  In the beginning I was allowed because my brother insisted, and then they let me stay because I earned their respect.  Of all the sports, football was second only to basketball.   I became best friends with all the nerds, the tip toers, the prissy girls, the shy and the fragile girls.   I convinced them all that they were superwomen.  They were MY superwomen.  We the defence team were going to be THE backbone of the team.

I convinced those girls that we were not being snobbed by the other girls, we were snobbing them.  We lived football.  I praised them up and down.  I did not let the fact that the princess cute fuzzy headed twins showed up to practice in dresses and coloured tennis shoes, deter me.  I encouraged them to wear a dress to the game if they wanted to.  Their jerseys would fit over top of them.

I just want to say that those twins were our secret weapon.  No-one took them seriously and yet when I told them I wanted them to forget everything else, everyone else, and shut down the one opposing player that we could not contain, they did the job.  I had to call them off.  They carried her off the field on a stretcher.  The twins picked the grass and rocks out of each others hair, straightened their dresses, and kicked the scattered teeth out of the way.  They may have pranced on and off the field, chatting with their closest friend who walked on her tip toes, but no-one was laughing at them anymore.


We may have thought we had to teach them about football, but they actually taught us about what it takes to be a woman.  Just because they didn't play football did not mean they couldn't.  Real women don't give a damn what kind of outfit life gives them in terms of a body or whether everyone else approves.  They work it.  They live in their own skin.  We all played sports because perhaps we had something to prove, to ourselves, to others.  Those girls didn't have to prove anything to anyone.  They were awesome and they knew it. 

We have the football trophy to prove it.

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