Monday, October 19, 2015

Just Like Nature Except Not As Fluffy

waiting on the day 1

The weather is getting warmer and I love being outside, hanging with my favourite tree in my yard.   I love trees.  I think it is because they have been here forever and have seen so many things and I wonder about that.  They seem so wise and they listen so well. 

waiting on the day 2

Who doesn't love nature.  We are a nature loving people.  We love us some fluffy bunnies, the flowers, flora AND fauna.  But most of all we love trees.  Tree give so much and we just ... We hug them.  We feed and water them.  We protect them.  We build parks around them and we go to them in our times of need.  We take our children to see them.  We make tapes of them blowing in the wind to soothe our fragile souls.  And they live so long. 

We look at old trees and even dead trees and say things like, " wow, does that ever have character!"

It doesn't work quite the same way with humans though.  We look at them as they age and get wrinkled and have seen more life than we can ever hope for and we pretty much ignore them.   If we do engage them at all we tend to say things like ....

waiting on the day 3

"HEY LADY! Pick up your damn walker and get the hell outta my way!"

SKIN:  Zoul Creations - Becca Sk3andSk4
HAIR:  [INK] Hair___CUCA ::Black(R
EYES:  Clemmm Fract Eyes Black
LASHES:  ATIA's Whisper Lashes
MAKE-UP:   .::WoW Skins::. Charlize Eyeliner
EARRINGS:  Pink Acid Half Crescent Moon Earrings - Gold
SWEATER:  The Secret Store - Helena V-Neck Sweater - Coal
SKIRT:  Marleen Zipped Skirt FashionNatic
NAIL POLISH:  Nailed It - Slink - Raw Nostalgia Set
BOOTS:  CGG Kismet Black SLink HIGH Compatible Boots  Chez GiGi
POSES:  Bauhaus
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