Thursday, October 1, 2015

Look Up!


I don't think anyone has ever looked up at the clouds in the sky and seen me.

People see elephants and kittens and an old man.   No-one says, "Oh wow, doesn't that look like Bliss?  That beautiful cloud over there, the one that looks all amazing fashionista and stuff?"  Well at least if they have, no-one has told me they have.


So this a blog post to ask all of you who have undoubtedly had, what can only be described as a beautiful, magical experience, to let me know.  You should go ahead and write to me now and tell me about it.  This can be like a pretend blogger challenge, only I am going to help heal the world and take the walls down and invite anyone and everyone.  No more, "bloggers only" challenges.  You don't even have to have a computer.  You can send the pictures you draw and colour.  You can get your mom to do it for you.

Send me what it was like, who you were with and what everyone was wearing.  Tell me about how it changed your life.  I will draw you a picture of me and send it back to you so that you can tape it to the dashboard of your car.  Just move those Saints and stuff out of the way and tape me in there.  Let's transform our adoration and stuff.  Give it all to me.

I would be willing to do that for all of you.

Because that is just the kind of girl I am ... all giving and shit...

Oh, Oh, Oh ... and if you see me in your toast or mashed potatoes .... you should share that too.

You could start a whole tumblr account on sightings of me and the magic that it brings.

Some people say sometimes when I am just sitting there ... I sparkle.


That is pretty much proof that you are reading the wrong blogs people.   There is no way those other fashionistas sparkle.

BODY:  .:WoW Skins:::. V2 Vanny Bronze
HAIRS:  Magika [01] Meadow
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Illuminate Brown
LASHES:  Angel Rock Philisia
JEWELLERY:  Chop Zuey Sea Mist
GOWN:  Petite Mort- Putty Violetta Gown 
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