Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Beginning of a Fashion Dream

cloudless climes 3

I was big into hoop skirts as a kid.  I fondly referred to them as "skirt tents."  I say that because I want you to be impressed at my desire and ability to use real fashion terms even as a child.  You may not have heard of "skirt tents" yet, but you will .. they are sure to be a big thing ... soon ... keep watching...

My gateway drug was a nursery rhyme book with Mary hiding her lamb and several others under her "tent."  I figured 5 lambs equaled one cow and hey ... cows were currency on the farm.  I didn't have a corner store to hold up or diamonds hidden in a vault to pawn ... so cows it had to be.  If they had auctions for them there had to be a livestock pawn shop somewhere.

cloudless climes 2

I am a big believer that all childhood games should have an element of realism and practicality to them.  I know you are dying to know my thought processes concerning this situation so let me tell you ... my infatuation with hoop skirts was aiding me in planning my escape - I mean THAT is a life skill.  

Are you taking notes on this people - me. . . a little kid ... developing life skills through meaningful play.  WOW!!  And you know me!

I started with lots of other skirts under my dress up skirt.  I had some crinolines but their poofing ability was limited to Sunday School Dresses with "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" stitched on them.   I have a theory that those kind of dresses suck the poof right out of crinolines rendering them nearly useless after a couple of tries but I don't have any scientific proof on that . . . just a gut instinct that has never failed me on any other important issues.  I would pay attention to that if I were you.  A bunch of dresses was not practical.  It got pretty hot, not to mention the fact I could not move.  Hard to play  princess when you can only stand in the middle of the room and grunt and point.

Besides, no princess in any fairy tale story grunts and points.  I did not stand a chance of convincing any of the farm hands of my princesslikeness in that get up.  

I ditched it, along with the poofless crinolines AND the Sunday School Dresses.  I do realize there is a distinct chance Jesus no longer loves me and I am going to hell, but I was young and living life by the seat of my pants.  I am hoping Jesus has compassion for kids stranded in farm hell with their grandparents.

I discovered hula hoops quite by accident when the 3 small children who were playing hide and seek hid in my "tent" and happened to also be carrying hula hoops.  I stole one of the hula hoops and while they were telling on my brother - probably because I pointed at him and said, "he did it," - I stitched it into my hem.

Voila - it poofed.

It took me some time to figure out how to sit without flashing everyone but it is a good thing I watched a lot of those old movies and eventually I caught on how to do it.  

You don't.

You don't ever sit.   Which led me to wonder how the heck they ever went to the bathroom.

These were the big questions I struggled with as I was growing up.  I am telling you in hopes you might like me a bit more, either because you identify with me, or maybe even because you cannot conceive of what a loser I must have been.

cloudless climes 1

Anyway I have hula hoops and some big skirts and if you wanna sleep over ...they make awesome tents.

SKIN:  ryuukou_corra_cognac
HAIR:  Bens Hair Style - Chiara Hair
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
LASHES:  Angel Rock Philisia
JEWELLERY:  (Kunglers Extra) Walhalla - Golden
GOWN:  Ever An' Angel Versailles - Verte
POSES:  Slouch
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