Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Name Game

Long weekend 1

I always wonder about names.  Like, does the name you choose predetermine their destiny?  

I am pretty convinced it does. 

"Tiffany" works fashion or beauty.   "Bambi" is a stripper.  "Elizabeth" works in health care and "Olivia" is a lawyer.

I've never heard of a "Cheeves" or a "Jeeves" as a president or a doctor.  They always seem to be chauffers or butlers.  

Long weekend 2

"Hi this is my son Jeevey/Cheevey and we are so hoping he goes into butlerism or gets a PHD in chauffering." 
"Put down that stethoscope right now!!"

Can you imagine the poor kid on the playground ... "Hey Cheeves ... Drive THIS!!!"

"Alistair" is always a banker or a judge or something.  "Tyler" is almost always an athlete or some kind and "Jacob" or "Jake" works the farm or does some kind of labour.

See "John" is safe.  You have a whole scope of possibilities from being president or being a frequenter of prostitutes.  Oops.  No wait, it is .... same profession right? 

I think we should just refuse to name children on the grounds of it may scar them for life or limit them in a real and damaging way.  In fact,  some of us should start suing our folks now for the monikers they laid on us.  We should sue our parents AND and the hospitals.  The force parents to make snap decisions by trying to get them to do all the paperwork before they leave the hospital and wanting to put those ankle bands on the babies.   OH you could sue the government to because they are the ones driving the paperwork the hospitals push.   I am getting my "sue underwear" on as we talk.  It is sturdy, able to go for the long haul, tightens its stranglehold as the day goes on and refuses to move.

We should just allow people to experiment with a bunch of names and then wait until they are about 30 and then they can decide what their name should be according to what they "blossomed" into.  By then people will have called them a whole bunch of names and they should be able to pick one that really suits them.  It will be a name by consensus - gifted to them from all of society - their family, their friends, teachers, the police, their boss, their own spouse and maybe even kids. 

Long weekend 3

The only drawback I can see is that it might be a tad confusing to  have so many named "Schmucky."

EYES:  Clemmm Fract Eyes Black
LASHES:  ATIA's Whisper Lashes
POSES:  Reasonable Poses

SKIN:  Essences - Azzurai *medium02* brunette from Cosmopolitan
HAIR:  [INK] Hair___NAIVE ::Black
BROWS:  .LXB. Striking Brows Black
TEETH:  Open Mouth Tattoos by ATIA's
LEGGINGS AND SHOES:  Ghee Fall15 Artichoke Suede Legging Boots
SHIRT AND SWEATER:  Ghee Fall15 Artichoke Draped Cardi & Blouse
EARRINGS:  (Kunglers)  Philippa earrings - Jasper
NECKLACE AND RING:  Meva MeiMei Set Gold
SKIN:  [PF] Morgana - Makeup #2
HAIR:  *Milk* Hair! The Top Knot *Blacks* Besom
LEGGINGS:  OVH.Suede Leggings . Wine&Black
TOP:  1 Hundred. Slip On Top
JACKET:  OVH.Peplun Jacket . Wine
SHOES:  *YS&YS* Madrid Glossy Black
JEWELLERY:  :: PM :: Venice Set in Black
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