Tuesday, January 12, 2016

All's Well That Ends Well.

sis 3a

When you move to a small town community, women don't tend to dress up much. 

Well, actually, compared to the many times they appear to roll out of bed and onto the floor, discover some rumpled clothes under the bed, pry off what food can be pried off, attempt to wear something that might not even be theirs,  tear a few strategic holes to make it fit . . . They do sometimes put more effort into it.

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Brushes are just unnecessary extra luggage.  Uncombed hair can help to cover early baldness, small nesting birds, and head lice.

So, if a woman here actually combs her hair and puts dress on for an event . . . we should give them credit.  They started wayyyyy back of the starting line where a city woman might.  If you measured the actual distance they probably are on par with the women who start off with hair done, their base being clothes from their closet or drawers, and some thought as to how the overall appearance impacts society.

I admire the women who could care less.  The ones who have  hair everywhere and don't bother with worrying about anyone else's ability to eat their lunch when they lift their hands above their heads and little hairs are caught by the wind . . . and shared.   They are free from any social constraints and for all I know they are probably saving the whales, starving children, and negotiating world peace while the rest of us shop for mascara.  The unfashionable, "we don't care-ers" have always been among us.  They used to call them "lazy."  Then they were "hippies," and then "rebels," "free spirits," "off griders ," "naturalists" etc.  We just basically have discriminated against them and called them a bunch of names ... Forever.   It is a talent gene we hand down along with our ability to try and kill anyone that thinks differently.

I like to shock them all and dress up even when I am just going to get the mail.  The high heels over the grass can be a bit tricky and the crows do try to take some of the sequins from my dresses but I have learned the art of using jewellery as a weapon.  It is an act of community service, attempting to shame them into caring more about how they look and how that impacts the property value around here.  You know how sometimes you have this idea in your head how things are going to be and then reality kapows you in the face and it is not at all like you thought it would be but sometimes that ends up being the better thing anyway?  It's kind of like God saying "you stupid twat" and then saving you from yourself and making for a really happy ending!

sis 1a

When I dress up for special events I get called names and people try to kill me.

It makes me feel special, welcomed, like I am finally part of the family.  We are all just people trying to get by, judging one another and making regular attempts to take one another out.

SKIN:  Glam Affair - Luna skin - Asia Tone - 06
HAIR:  .:EMO-tions:. * PRIA * B+W-pack
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
LASHES:  ATIA's Whisper Lashes
MAKE-UP:  * Baiastice_Illegal lipstick Bi colours
JEWELLERY:  (Kunglers Extra) Nightbloom - Rainbow
GOWN:  Iridescent Satin Bandage Gown from MARIPOSA ~house of couture
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