Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Global Warming

global warming 1

We were allowed to buy a fish bowl and two fish once.

My brother got a black angel fish and named him "Vlad the Impaler," and I got a little fairy like something fish with long fins.  I called her "Fluffy."

My brother's fish was all over the place, jerky movements, up, down, never content.  I am pretty sure he was a street fish and coming off of meth, or blow, or something like that.  He was antisocial and his family never called, ever . . . not even once.   My brother said he was a warrior and he was looking for other fish he could kill, rip their heads off, and impale on a spear.  He warned me that Fluffy didn't stand a chance, it was just a matter of time.   

Fluffy was serene and gentle and probably not even of this world.  She was ethereal and calm and when she moved, angels sang.  Her family never phoned either, but that was because her parents were  the wind and the stars and her siblings magic and fairy dust.  Ok, at least believe me when I say Fluffy was a child of the universe and the universe was forever holding her in its loving arms.

That is what universes do.

There wasn't any need to call.

I could tell that Fluffy was trying everything to help calm Vlad down.   If she had hands she would have laid them on him and healed him but all she could do was to vibrate her calm little vibrations out into their fish bowl and hope that it would help to bring him the peace he so desperately needed.  She was methadoning herself.  But Vlad just got more and more agitated like Grandpa did when he tripped over one of our toys and hurt himself and was swearing because the blood was spurting all over the place and Grandma would calmly come up to him and pat his arm and ask, "What's wrong dear?" and then say things like, "I am sure you don't need to use that kind of language to express your pain, what is wrong with ouch?'"   She always said it like she was half awake and she was cooing to a little kitten or something.   

Grandpa was not a kitten, not even when you were drunk, squinting,  and it was dark outside and he was wearing a kitten costume.

One morning when we got up, Vlad was gone.  Just disappeared.

There wasn't any water anywhere, no breakage, no spillage, nothing.  One fishbowl in pristine condition, no disturbance in it whatsoever, and Fluffy ... just swimming like the little angel she was.  Of course, I got blamed but I refused to even touch the water let alone the fish.  I was big into anti-ickky activity at that point in my development.  There was no way I would touch a fish.  Then my brother blamed my cat.  He wanted to kill the cat but my grandma told him absolutely not, he could get another fish next time we went to the city.

I got my cat out of the house and into the cat underground.  There were people who saved cats from my brother and helped them escape to where they could be safe until the danger passed.

global warming 2

A couple of weeks later, when the fishbowl was being cleaned and one of the large shells was sitting on the towel alongside some of the other rocks and things we had in the bowl, I picked it up and a slimy black sludge slid out onto my hand.  I screamed, of course, and threw the shell across the room.   The black sludge had landed on my shoe and I could see it was the limp body of poor little Vladdy, with some huge bites taken out of its head.

I gasped and looked at Fluffy who was blowing me air kisses from the crystal bowl she was waiting in while her home was being cleaned.

That's why I believe in supernatural stuff now.  Clearly the fish were playing with a ouiji board one night while listening to hard rock and Satan possessed innocent Fluffy.  Vlad did not stand a chance.  She probably did not even have any memory of it, one because she had been possessed, and two because she was a goldfish. 

I know I should have told my brother but I couldn't do that to him.  He was such a simple boy with such simple beliefs.  How could I destroy such sweet innocence, especially when he had just got a new fish . . . a little piranha he named Jack the Ripper?

I donated both fish to the cat underground people to feed the escapees.  I did it because Jesus had me as a sunbeam and sunbeams fight the devil wherever he might appear.  I saved the world that day, from Fluffy, from Jack AND my brother.    I did it because that is the kind of girl I am ... one that loves all the pretty fluffy things of life, and believes in magic and fairy dust, but knows evil when she sees it and is not afraid to do something about it.  

Well, as long as it is not ickky and you don't expect me to touch it.

SKIN:  .Birdy. Devon Skin ~Biscuit~ (Goldie)
HAIR:  rezology  Callisto (mesh hair)
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Illuminate Turquoize
BROWS:  .LXB. Striking Brows Black
LASHES:  [Hush] BONUS Lush Lashes
EARRINGS:   (Kunglers) TDRF #051 - Earrings - Golden
OTHER JEWELLERY:  Meva MeiMei Set Gold
DRESS:  ISON - holo dress (cream)
SHOES:   ::ROC:: Bohemia Tassel Boot
PURSE:  ISON - holo bag (cream)
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