Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15th, Get A Life You Romantic Delusional Idiot You - Day

Feb15 1

Guess what comes after Valentine's Day?

A whole bunch of NOT Valentine's Day.  

You can wrap up your hope chest in tissue paper and put it away for another year, this years Valentine's Day, not unlike the recent End of the Earth Barbeque or the Rapture Quilting Bee, was a big non event.

Prince Charming was a no show.

Face it, once the glow is off  that chocolate looks disgusting, no matter how bright and shiny the wrappings they put it in.  Not only is the smoke machine turned off,  there is always a big freaking bowl of disappointment cooking on the stove in place of your usual oatmeal.  It is best served cold, just to make sure you choke on every spoonful.

February 15th has always sucked.  It is the day you realize that your brother got 432 Valentines and you only got 3.  Two of them didn't have any name on them and said, "from your secret friend" written in the same handwriting used on the other one you got that said "from Mrs. Blackwell."  You check the gift box everyone was given from school, supposed to be full of treats that everyone's mother made for the party and realize that several of your cookies already had bites taken, and most of them looked like they were the practice run before the mom got into the real groove of Martha Steward cookie decorating.  A closer look at the Valentine the teacher gave you leads you to realize she actually forgot all about you and cut your "Valentine" out of the picture on the front of the book.  One of the legs of the little lamb is missing and there is a price tag half peeled off.

Later it was learning that your "boyfriend" gave the same Valentine and same message to 3 other girls.  The perfume he said came from Paris was actually on sale at the local hardware store.  That you may be the only one who believed Billy Butcher's story that it was traditional for girls to give boy's a pair of their panties on Valentines Day to prove they were really dating and committed to one another.  The reason you realized it was because Billy Butcher never looked at you again, everyone was laughing, oh ... and your underwear was hanging from the school flag pole the next morning.  

It didn't end there.  February 15th was the day your boss apologized for being late with your gift and handed you a box of chocolates.  They were the exact ones you gave him 2 years ago and you are sure of this because when you opened it, your hand written card was still tucked inside.  The chocolate was stale.  

The flowers your husband bought you were the ones posted all over Facebook the next morning that some little boy bought for his mother and accidentally left them on the seat and when he went back they were gone.  Everyone is weeping for the boy and wondering what kind of a person steals a kid's flowers.  Now you have to decide whether it is worse that your husband clearly forgot to get you anything until he was on his way home and he grabbed the abandoned flowers, or that a little boy's mother somewhere missed out on her flowers, the ones sitting on your table?

In other words, the day after sucks.

The glow is off, those little angels don't look cute and chubby, they just look like little fat men who really should cover up.  Love sucks.  There is no happily ever after and you just wanna stay in bed and cry.

Feb15 2

And that lasts until you hit the stores and realize all those chocolates are on sale and well ... they say chocolate is better than sex and it can fix anything.

You may have given up on love but science is worth pursuing.  A theory has to be tested, repeatedly, in order to be proven.   Time to start the chocolate experiments!

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