Sunday, February 14, 2016

When Blue is Really Yellow.

true blue 1

My brother should have been diagnosed with ADHD.  He only half listened to what people were saying and so usually ended up with half the instructions before he started things.

He missed that it was supposed to be a yellow buttercup flower that you held under your chin and if you could see yellow, it meant that you liked butter.  It seemed pretty stupid to me, why not just ask the person if you needed to know that?  Who walks up and gives someone bread and then whips out a yellow buttercup and wrestles the person so you can put the flower under their neck?

Evidently people in the world do it enough that the practice gets handed down from generation to generation.  I think it probably would be pretty irrefutable evidence that television is not as dangerous as being left to our own devices.

Why isn't someone solving that one instead of heading straight for world peace?  Find a way to genetically stop the whole hereditary process of sharing lame, irrelevant practices like the buttercup thing and then try world peace.  Who knows what valuable things you might learn that could help the process?  It might even hold the key to curing cancer along the way.

Anyway my brother ended up hearing "blossom" and "chin" before he was distracted by a tractor tire and so he went for a dandelion and kept smashing it into my chin.   Of course dandelion smashed into anything leaves a yellow stain.  I pointed that out to him by smashing a few into his face.  We both ended up stained yellow and I think I ended up eating a couple of them. 

I re-explained the process to him, trying to speak slowly and not move too quickly.  I said it had to be a buttercup and you hold it lightly under the chin.   A cow bellowed and I lost him.

My efforts to educate him just led to butter being smashed into chins (and by "chins" I mean mine)which he said was the ultimate proof because not only was my chin yellow, it was buttery.  He ran around screaming that I liked butter like he had discovered life on another planet.

I am not sure what leg up in life that gave him but he seemed pleased with the whole process.

true blue 2

This has nothing to do with the blue outfit I am wearing,  but I was thinking what i could say about a blue outfit with a map on the pants and was just coming up empty.  I told you I lived a pretty narrow, sheltered life on those Canadian prairies.  I was just sitting here staring at the screen, and then I started thinking the only colour thing that comes to mind is that stupid thing with the buttercup and remember when my brother could not get the saying straight?

Then I tried to make it be about something blue but there just was no tie in so I thought, "geeze, you have to write something," so I wrote about the buttercup.  

Just taking you on a little journey of my mind folks.  I know it is scary in here.  You can hold hands if you want.  Someone will have a lighter, I am sure, and can show you the way out.

SKIN:  .Birdy. Audrey skin ~Beige~
HAIR:  :::Phoenix::: Vivian Hair Light Blondes from Tres Chic Venue
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Illuminate Turquoize
LASHES:  [Hush] BONUS Lush Lashes
TOP and PANTS:   GizzA - Marine Outfit [Naval]
EARRINGS:  (Kunglers) TDRF #067 - earrings -  Malachite
SHOES:  SHEY Sweet Bow Stilettos
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