Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I See Dragons.

SEE 2 

I always thought fog was this really cool special effects that life sometimes gave us as kids, so we could play scary games and imagine monsters unseen, just beyond the trees where the fog obliterated our view.  It felt brave to wander off, wooden sword drawn, ready to do battle with dragons or demons ... Or my brother.

Turns out it is a scientific, nature thing.

I hate how they ruined all the childhood magic by making us learn science and insisting we did not have magical powers and that it is silly to be afraid of dragons.

I may have been awarded an "A" for putting down the answers the teachers wanted to hear, but I never let them take my soul.  I held on to my magic, AND dragons.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's A Real Bummer!

saving drama for the llamas 1 

I really enjoy watching women and their skirts.

You have the women of the code who wear the skirt exactly as it was intended, and then the ones that break all the rules. You have the girls who go through school with the skirt not a smidge above the school guidelines and the hem their moms sewed in, and then the ones that roll it up as far as they possibly can, risking a bit of a tummy roll over the benefits of showing some thigh. These fearless women take on life full on. They are not afraid to roll the skirt up, hike it up over their breasts and call it a dress . . . whatever it takes.

There was a mom of one of the girls at school whose article of clothing was always slipping off her boobs. And it was not because they were tiny, oh no! These were massive watermelon orbs who had worn down the enthusiastic, taut muscles of youth until they were holding on to the weighted melons with their fingernails only, screaming with pain. Even her knees whimpered in pain from the constant bashing they took from the hanging watermelons. I was never sure if she thought she was sexy or whether she was incredibly dumb and did not realize that a skirt almost always goes with some kind of a top. I do know that babies who were born during that time grew up with a profound sense of disappointment in their mothers. Us older kids grew up traumatized from the view of things one would rather not, SHOULD never have to, see.

Grandma said it was not polite to stare or to say anything.